Marlon Vera TKO's injured Sean O'Malley in Round 1

Marlon Vera inside the octagon following his UFC 252 win over Sean O'Malley.

Marlon Vera says ‘F–k you’ Dominick Cruz

Former UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz returns to the octagon this weekend when he meets Marlon Vera in the main event of UFC Fight Night San Diego.

Last month, Cruz spoke with MMA reporter The Schmo where the former champ said that people just don’t care about Vera.

“When I look at Vera, all the things he says, I don’t think he really means it,” Cruz told The Schmo. “He does, but he just wants to be heard. He’s a guy that just wants people to hear him because look at what he did to Sean O’Malley and nobody said a thing about him. Nobody cares that he won that fight. He’s just tired of being ignored because people don’t really care that much about him. When he wins, nobody says anything. So, I think that he’s just trying to be heard so he’s saying anything he can, really angry, he’s got a lot of demons, I guess, that he’s dealing with. I don’t know.

Vera had his chance to respond to Cruz’s comments in a recent interview.

“I don’t feel ignored,” Vera recently told CBS Sports’ reporter Shakiel Mahjouri. “I have an entire country behind me. People in the U.S. f–k with me. They like me. I’m happy with where I am. He’s probably trying to get me a little upset but who f–king knows? What he thinks and what I think are going to be the opposite. We both think we’re going to win… That’s why I put it simply. F–k you Cruz. I’m going to kick your ass. You’re not my friend. I hope I f–k you up. Of course, I hope I f–k you up. I’m not hoping you win. Even if no one gives a f–k about me, it doesn’t matter. Who f–king cares? Which I know, that’s not the case.”

Watch the interview with Marlon Vera below: