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MMA: The Biggest Comebacks for 2021

So, this year can admittedly be written off, as it has not been a productive nor entertaining one, where sports is involved. You can definitely blame the pandemic for that one. UFC has been a part of many people’s lives, for as long as we remember, due to the adrenaline and matches that this sport brings to the octagon. One thing that we are certain of though is that, while we wait for Khabib to take on Gaethje this month, we have been guilty of using the projected UFC Odds online of hopeful wins and future matches, to our favour. People are pretty much betting from now, about who will be up against each other, who will win etc. So, we might as well get in on it, too right? 

While we await that next match, we thought it would be a good time to mention who the most anticipated returns within the industry are, from all the retired champions of the past. Call it a flash from the past, but we are so ready to see this happen! Read on to find out who exactly is going to be making a comeback to the sport! Many of today’s Sport media outlets like Sky Sports and Yahoo, agree with our predictions and see the exact same to come!

Georges St. Pierre 

So, we are sure you have heard that this canadian star has been rumored to have been contemplating coming out of retirement to fight Khabib, if he is successful in attaining his 29-0 straight win against Gaethje. Only time will tell if this actually happens, yet one thing we are certain about is, not anyone with the greatest of all time MMA records, will come out of retirement for just anything. His trainer even confirmed that there will be no possibility, If Khabib does not manage a win in this fight.

Brock Lesnar 

Brock was an unstoppable heavyweight back in the day. His last fight was in 2011, however there has been rumours of his MMA return, since he no longer has a contract with WWE, there is no reason as to why he would not return. Many in the UFC have expressed their interest that Lesnar does actually make his return, but of course this may not actually account or confirm for much in the end. Rumoured opponents suggested by Dana White and Scott Coker, if Lesner returns, are Jon Jones or Fedor Emelianenko. Guess we’ll just have to see, won’t we?

Jon Jones

So, Jon Jones, is one of the many old school king of fighters that have been rumoured to return. Acting as a former light-heavyweight, he has had to go through a lot in his career lately-especially defending his title this past year! He has spoken about making heavyweight instead, so one could say that this is the perfect opportunity to go for the heavier belt no? Opponent potentials include Francis Ngannou, Curtis Blaydes and Stipe Miocic. This could be a very interesting comeback indeed if we may say so ourselves. Many are even rumouring Brock Lesnar as a fight potential. However, to actually even get there, he need to behave first and foremost…

Conor McGregor

McGregor is a famous fighter that continuously claims to be retiring from MMA. But of course, he always cannot get enough and just comes back in. Back for the money and defending his titles, McGregor is fully expected to return again no doubt. He’s only 32 and that is still young in the sports book, meaning he should have some fight left in him. Cannot say everyone is a fan of this outspoken Irish fellow, but he makes up for entertainment, so we definitely would see him return if we are honest.

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