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MyMMArijuanaChronicles: Paul Winkler discusses what to look for in your medicine

Paul Winkler is an analytical cannabis chemist who resides in Golden, Colorado. The PHD started out in a journey into the field of chemistry, which has ultimately lead him to the cannabis fields and laboratories where he analyzes data and pesticides in the plant that could potentially be harmful for users.

Growing up with a fight friendly family, Winkler remembers the days of going over his grandfathers house for Monday Night Boing. He also reminisces on how he followed in his grandfathers footsteps as a Golden Glove boxer, in turn, inspiring the younger Paul to take an interest in the art of the sweet science. Recapping his childhood by stating “The big fight back in my day were Frazier/Ali. Those were some of the big fights for me!”

Winkler and his team developed a cannabis testing system that can be found in laboratories throughout the US. Winkler holds his head held high with the success of his system and the contributions he’s made in the cannabis industry. “When I see people in laboratories that have our product doing great testing, I feel good about that because I know that it’s helping the industry in general!” Stating he “got involved to make sure testing is done correctly so people can have confidence in what they’re using.” Continuing with, “I’m proud of what we’ve built!” As far as performance of his systems, Winkler says “we’ve done some really good things!”

While Winkler still tries to make time for the occasional UFC fight, if he can tune in, he carries a very positive message for the athletes in which he holds in a very high regard in terms of their skill and athleticism. That statement being, “I think youre living in a great time where you can use something like CBD. You guys (generally speaking), you have a lot of joint pain, a lot of body stresses and these cannabinoids…I have seen just anecdotally, really be very very useful drug for you guys! And I think you’re living in a great era that fighters 20 years ago didn’t have a chance to use these products to relax and rejuvenate yourself. So, you’re living in a great time! They’re safe and they will help you!”

Tune in above for another informative edition of MyMMArijuanaChronicles as I chat with the doc, Paul Winkler as about what fighters or anyone in general should look our for in their products, old fights from decades ago, how cannabis can help the modern day fighter and athlete and so much more!

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