Beat Shannon Ritch in his 227th fight at Gender Wars, wins $50,000

Beat Shannon Ritch in his 227th fight at Gender Wars, win $51,000

Do you have what it takes to take on seasoned heavyweight mixed martial artist Shannon Ritch, January 12 in Russia?

Ritch, holder of 226 MMA fights, began his career before the birth of the UFC in 1993. He has been fighting since 1991, when it was called NHB or No Holds Barred.

He along with Gender Wars promoter, Brad Kohler, called into MyMMANews Radio tonight to discuss his next fight. That is when Kohler presented Ritch with a unique idea.  Ritch was asked if he would be willing to fight the average Joe off the street at the event that will take place just outside St. Petersburg.

It took about 10-seconds for Ritch to ponder the idea before he accepted.  The man with 226 fights under his belt will accept the challenge and is offering to donate his $50,000 fight purse if the man who challenges him can get the win.

Kohler said that anyone interested in fighting Shannon Ritch can contact them via the Gender Wars Facebook page.  The competitor must be able to get clearance to fly into Russia next month and will be paid $1,000 for competing.  If they can get the win, Ritch will donate his $50K.

Gender Wars is headlined by a man vs. woman mixed gender MMA bout.  The card also features Travis Wiuff taking on Wes Sims.  Mark Coleman and Gary Goodridge are also set to serve as cornermen.

The entire fight card will be broadcast on pay-per-view at

Watch below (10-minutes in)


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