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New Jersey Breakfast Burger – Fight Night Feasts – UFC on ESPN 15

It’s Fight Night!

The UFC returns to action tonight in Las Vegas with UFC on ESPN 15, headlined by a bantamweight bout between former lightweight champion and featherweight title contender, Frankie Edgar.  Standing opposite “The Answer,” in Edgar’s 135-pound debut, will be the surging Pedro Munhoz.

Edgar is arguably the most well-known mixed martial artist to come out of the “Garden State,” which is why for tonight’s Fight Night Feasts episode I would like to walk you through what I call the “New Jersey Breakfast Burger.”

One of the biggest debates in New Jersey involves one of my favorite breakfast food items.  But is it called “pork roll” or is it “Taylor Ham?”

Either way, it is a delicious treat that isn’t just for breakfast anymore.

Today we are going to incorporate this controversial food item into a lunch or dinner burger meal often served at your local pub or watering hole when in need of a cure from last night’s hangover.


1 burger patty (or if you have time, make your own burger from ground beef) – I like to add hamburger seasoning to mine

2 slices of pork roll/Taylor Ham

1 Kaiser roll

2 slices yellow American cheese

1 egg



Heat up your grill to desired temperature.  I usually start mine at 375 degrees and work my way up to about 425 to finish.

Throw hamburger patty on the grill.  While you are doing this, if you have a cast iron pan, put a little bit of vegetable oil in the pan and heat on the grill.

When oil gets hot, throw the pieces of pork roll/Taylor Ham into the pan.  Cook until they get a nice crisp/little bit of brown to them (usually just 2-3 minutes).

Toast Kaiser roll on the grill. (You can put a little butter on the roll after toasted if you like).

Lay 2 slices of American cheese on each patty (to melt).

Take pork roll out of pan, transfer to bottom layer of Kaiser roll.

Crack an egg in the pan, cook for 2-3 minutes.  You want their to be a little runny yolk if possible.

Place burger on top of pork roll/Taylor Ham, then top with the egg.

There you have the New Jersey Breakfast Burger.  Enjoy!

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