Piankhi Zimmerman

Piankhi Zimmerman : “If boxing is the sweet science, MMA is atrophysics!”

Piankhi “The Nappy Ninja” Zimmerman may be one of the most zen martial artists you’ll ever come across. With a beautifully artistic outlook on combat, and a comic book fanatic at heart, he embraces and embodies the essence that every super hero strives to represent… Peace through force and violence.

Recently, Zimmerman came across the chance of a lifetime fighting in Saõ Paulo, Brazil for his first endeavor fighting internationally. With the odds stacked against him, Zimmerman overcame adversity and came out the clear winner in his opponents back yard.

Zimmerman took time to catch up with MyMMANews’ own, Adam Crist to discuss the martial code of “The Nappy Ninja” his recent success overseas, defending his Stellar Fights title against Hopeton Stewart, and much more! Tune in below!