Sidiah Parker

LFA 54’s Sidiah Parker: “This is going to be a War”

This Friday, November 16, Legacy Fighting Alliance is in Costa Mesa, California, for LFA 54. The co-main event will see former KOTC Middleweight champion, Fit NHB’s Sidiah Parker against fellow finisher, Moses Murrietta.

Catching up with Parker during fight week, before his final light wrestling practice he said, “I feel great. Weight is coming off easy and I’m just waiting for the fight to come on Friday night”.

Competing in LFA for the first time “It’s a step up in the level of competition, but I’m ready for it, been training for this for a while now. I’m just happy to get my shot and it’s here”.

Coach Tom Vaughn has compared Parker to Mark Hunt. “Being compared to Mark Hunt that’s a good comparison. I’m short, thick around the waist, with knock out power, and I love to stand up”.

Getting to this weekend fight against Murrietta “he’s good with his hands. I like the way he fights. I think we match-up well. And I think it’s going to be a war out there”.

Parker believes his experience will be a huge factor in the fight “I have more fights than he dose. I want it more, this is my first fight for LFA, but not my first time fighting a guy who’s really good with his hands. Overall, I think I’ve fought better guys then this guy has fought, so let’s do it. We’ll find out Friday night”.

Murrietta has four knock outs of his five finishes.

“He has that pressure, keeps coming forward even if he gets punched it doesn’t faze him. I like that style”.

Parker says his plan is “stay composed myself and put the pressure back on him, don’t let him intimidate me in anyway”.

LFA 54

AXS TV Main Card
125 Title: © Sabina Mazo (5-0) vs, Carol Yariwaki (7-2)
185: Moses Murrietta (7-1) vs. Sidiah Parker (19-7)
135: Vincent Cachero (5-0) vs. Joe Murphy (8-4)
155: Ricardo Seixas (7-1) vs. Jacob Rosales (9-4)
185: Andre Walker (4-1) vs. Kailan Hill (3-0)
HW: Irvins Ayala (1-0) vs. Mitchell Sipe (4-1)
160: Jean-Paul Le-Bosnoyani (0-0) vs. Eugene Cacho (0-1)

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