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Skylar Park Made Official On Canada’s Taekwondo Team

Canada has their next Olympian. This one is Skylar Park who will represent Canada in Taekwondo. Park, who is 22, will be in the 57 kilogram category. Going to the games with her will be her father, Jae, who is her coach, and her brother/training partner, Tae-Ku. Park is joined by Yvette Yong who will represent Canada at 49 kilograms in taekwondo.

Skylar Park is an accomplished Taekwondoin at an early age. After winning gold at the World Junior Championships in her home country of Canada back in 2016. Since then she’s won bronze and gold at the Pan American Championships, three Grand Prix bronze medals, and a bronze at the 2019 Manchester Taekwondo World Championships.

Skylar Park: Peaking

Not only is Skylar Park one of the brightest prospects coming into this Olympic cycle. But she is peaking at the right time too. After a year off due to the pandemic, she came in fifth at the World Taekwondo Olympic standings at 57 kilograms which officially qualified her for the Olympics.

Having been around the sport for so long, Skylar Park was seemingly born to compete in the Olympics. Her family has a total of 16 blackbelts and her grandfather is a grandmaster of the sport. Many believe that Park is a medal threat at The Games.

Taekwondo in the Olympic Games is a single elimination tournament. The winner of the finals is awarded the gold medal and the loser gets the silver. The bronze is decided by a Repechage tournament. There are four weight classes: flyweight (58 kilograms), featherweight (68 kilograms), middleweight (80 kilograms), and heavyweight (80+ kilograms). Both men and women have the same weight classes.

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