Submission Underground 13 Live Results

Submission Underground 13 Live Results

Chael Sonnen presents Submission Underground 13

When: Sunday, April 26th, 2020

Where: A secret location.

How To Watch: UFC Fight Pass

Submission Underground is back with #13! With everything going on in the world with the Coronavirus pandemic, this is a nice treat to us fight fans.

SUG 13 brings 10 – five minute matches with 3 EBI style overtimes if the matches go past regulation. The biggest of these 10 matches is the main event.

Craig Jones vs. Vinny Magalhaes should end the night with a BANG! Craig Jones is a leg lock wizard showing off his skills over the last couple years at EBI and ADCC. Vinny is an ADCC champion and well established MMA fighter with one of the best submission games in the sport. And by the way, Vinny says, “leglocks don’t work!”

Can the leglock connoisseur defeat the unleglockable? Tune into UFC Fight Pass at 6pm ET Sunday, April 26th to find out.

Craig Jones vs. Vinny Magalhaes: Craig Jones winner by Heel Hook (verbal tap).

Richie Martinez vs. Austin Vanderford: Austin Vanderford winner by Arm Triangle Choke.

Jake Ellenberger vs. Gabriel Checco: Gabriel Checco winner by Reverse Triangle.

Ethan Crelinsten vs. Andrew Alexander: Ethan Crelinsten winner by Rear Naked Choke in EBI OT.

Don Stoner vs. Alex Larmey: Don Stoner winner by Fastest Escape Time in EBI OT.

Nicholas Maximov vs. Joe Baize: Joe Baize winner by Heel Hook.

Austin Daffron vs. Chris Lencioni: Chris Lencioni winner by Fastest Escape Time in EBI OT.

Charlie Gilpin vs. Jake Smith: Charlie Gilpin winner by Kimura.

Eric Mcconico vs. George Martinez: Eric Mcconico winner by Armbar in EBI OT.

Cody Kenega vs. Jake Hargis: Cody Kenega winner by Toe Hold.

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