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UFC 247 results: Jon Jones breaks title fight victory record against game Dominick Reyes

On Saturday night, Feb. 8, 2020, the UFC returns to action for their second pay-per-view event of the year, which includes two world championship bouts.

UFC 247 takes place at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas and will be headlined by Jon Jones defending his light heavyweight title against Dominick Reyes.

Jones, who is widely regarded as the greatest fighter in the history of mixed martial arts, looks to add another name to his light heavyweight win total on Saturday night. “Bones” returned to action following a suspension for a positive drug test stemming from his knockout win over Daniel Cormier at July 2017’s UFC 214 event with a dominant TKO win over Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 232. Since then, Jones has remained active with successful title defenses against Anthony Smith and Thiago Santos. With the latter of the defenses coming via split decision, fans are wondering if Jones is on, perhaps, a downslide heading into his 28th professional fight. With sights set on a jump to heavyweight, Jones is out to prove the naysayers wrong.

To do so, he will have to do so against the undefeated Reyes who burst onto UFC scene in the middle of 2017 and hasn’t looked back. “The Devastator” earned his opportunity to fight Jones for the belt with a brutal opening round knockout victory over Chris Weidman in the main event of October’s UFC Boston card. Reyes also holds wins over the likes of Volkan Oezdemir, Ovince St. Preux and Jared Cannonier as he hopes to shock the world on Saturday night in the Lone Star State.

Here is how the light heavyweight championship main event between Jon Jones and Dominick Reyes went down at UFC 247, including round-by-round scoring. For full results of the event, check them out right here.


As expected, both guys are fired up for this main event title fight in Houston. Reyes throws a hard left hand early and Jones ties him up momentarily. Reyes just misses with a left hand. Jones with a hard leg kick. High kick from Reyes blocked by the champion. Leg kick again from Jones. The referee warns Jones about his fingers being extended as Reyes lands a right hook. They trade leg kicks and Reyes just misses a left hook. Reyes comes up short on a hard right hand and another warning from the referee about the fingers extended. Jones lands a hard leg kick after switching stances. Reyes with a hard left hand counter that drops Jones briefly. Reyes staying patient and lands a hard body kick and a left hand. Jones lands a hard shot to the body and a leg kick from Reyes. Final two minutes to go in the round and Reyes throws a pair of foot stomps in the center of the cage. High kick and a body kick from Reyes. Left hook from the challenger lands, leg kick from the champion answers. Final minute of the round and Jones throws a body kick that comes up short. Jones with a left high kick that lands, another one with the right foot. They circle around as the horn sounds and the challenger gets off to a great start. scores it 10-9 for Reyes


Reyes to the body early with a hard leg kick behind it. Jones eats a calf kick from the challenger and Reyes goes back to the body once more. Another hard leg kick from Reyes, Jones answers to the body. Reyes going right after Jones but the champion using great head movement to avoid anything major. Another hard kick from Reyes to the leg of Jones. Reyes back to the leg, Jones checks it this time. Jones catches a leg kick and returns with a left hand. Uppercut from Reyes lands, while Jones answers with a left hook. Jones with a teep kick to the body of the challenger, followed by a leg kick. Hard jab by Jones lands to catch Reyes’ attention. High kick from Jones to the arm of Reyes and lands a leg kick behind it. Jones looks much more comfortable in this round but Reyes is still very dangerous. Left hand counter from Reyes, Jones lands a leg kick answer. Final 30 seconds of the round and Reyes lands a hard uppercut and a left hook. Another leg kick on the button from Reyes as the round ends. A closer round but another for the challenger on my scorecard. scores it 10-9 for Reyes


They trade leg kicks to start the round. Reyes lands a left high kick on the button. Jones eats an inside knee as Reyes continues to look confident. Reyes slaps away Jones’ extended hand and lands a hard kick to the body. Right hand from Jones and Reyes continues to pressure the champion. Leg kick from the challenger as Jones is trying to find his timing someway. Jones with a hard leg kick and Reyes lands to the body. Teep to the leg from Jones as Reyes just misses with a big left hook. Reyes sneaks in an uppercut as he slides away from a Jones attack. The champion shoots in for a takedown and Reyes defends initially. They tie up against the fence and Reyes with an elbow over the top. Reyes with a hard left hand to the body as the challenger seems to be breathing heavy with his mouth open. It’s certainly not slowing down his pace at all as he lands a hard kick to the body. Jones continues to move forward as he checks a leg kick, and answers with a left hook. Another left hook from the champion, Reyes answers to the body with a straight left hand. Jones continues to move forward with 30 seconds to go. Reyes with a lead uppercut, Jones with a left hook. Jones with a jumping kick as the round comes to an end. Close round, but Reyes landed the more significant shots in the round. scores it 10-9 for Reyes


Jones needs to make something happen here, although with these judges tonight, who knows? Leg kick from Reyes early, Jones answers with one of his own. Right hook to the eye from Reyes and Jones is hurt. Jones works hard and lands a takedown. Reyes gets right back up, Jones shoots to a double and Reyes is able to defend. They battle against the fence and Reyes separates. Jones is bleeding out of his nose as the referee warns Jones about the fingers for the third time. Hard leg kick from Jones and Reyes is slowing down. Jones shoots in and takes the back of Reyes. The challenger gets separation and lands a left hand. Jones with a hard leg kick and catches the return from Reyes. Jones with another hard leg kick and a hard jab. Jones lands to the body and a hard elbow. Knee to the body from the champion as he is starting to push forward confidently. Left hook from Jones, Reyes tries to return. Final minute of the round and Jones has found some momentum. High kick from Jones as Reyes has slowed down tremendously. High kick blocked by Jones who continues to walk down the challenger. Jones with a hard combination, capped off with a tremendous left hook. The horn sounds as Jones has the best round of the fight. scores it 10-9 for Jones


Final five minutes here in Houston with the champion stealing some momentum after the fourth. Reyes comes out with a left hand and Jones continues to push forward. Leg kick from the challenger and Jones shoots in hard and takes Reyes down. Jones takes the back momentarily, but Reyes showing great defense all fight long. Jones has Reyes against the fence before they separate. Jones to the body and to the head of Reyes, followed by a hard elbow. Hard leg kick from Jones, followed by a body kick and a leg kick. Jones with a big left elbow and a leg kick behind it. Another pair of body kicks from the champion and checks a leg kick from Reyes. Another leg kick from Jones and a left hand to the kisser. Spinning back kick to the body by Jones lands as he continues to build on the momentum of the fourth round. Reyes with a left hand and Jones answers with a kick to the body. Under 90 seconds to go and Reyes lands a pair of jabs. Jones with a side kick to the body. Final 50 seconds and Jones lands a kick to the midsection. Leg kick from Jones, high kick behind it, back to the leg. Final 20 seconds and Jones is trying to chase Reyes down. Jones misses a spinning back elbow as the horn sounds. Great fight! I have it scored for Reyes, but we’ll see how these judges score it. scores it 10-9 for Jones and the fight 48-47 for Reyes


Official result: Jon Jones def. Dominick Reyes via unanimous decision (48-47 x2, 49-46)

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