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USKA ‘A Night at the Fights’ – Oracio vs Fetzner – Thai/Kickboxing LIVE Results

Tonight in Allentown, PA at the Parkview Inn, MyMMANews is in the house for some hard striking match-ups.  Kickboxing and Muay-Thai action is headlined by the battle for the USKA Middleweight Pro Muay-Thai championship.  Cole Fetzner and Davis Oracio Jr. will meet at 185-pounds in the night’s main event.

LIVE results below…


Pro Main Event! 185lb Title Fight!

Cole Fetzner (Canada) vs.  Davis Oracio – 185 Thai

48-47 47-47 47-47…Amazing fight is a draw


Amateur Main Event! 170lb Ammy Title Fight

Lucas  LaRue vs. Trevahn Stephens170 Thai

Lucas LaRue winner via unanimous decision  30-26 30-26 30-26


Daniel Zhou vs. Reginald L Carter II 155 Thai

Regonald L CarterII winner via TKO 1:38 of round 3


Casey Kilgos vs. Nick Simon – 170 USKA

Casey Kilgos winner via TKO 1:12 of round 2


Dylan Harnish vs. John C Wunder III  – 140 USKA

John Wunder winner via unanimous decision 30-25 29-26 29-26





Sonia Reyes vs. Camille Smith – 145 USKA

Sonia Reyes winner via unanimous decision 29-28 29-28 29-28


Jared Jones  vs. Chris Dexter – 150 USKA

Jared Jones winner via KO 1:34 of round 2


Ray Jensen vs. Yacine Hamadou  – 130 USKA

Yacine Hamadou winner via TKO 1:16 Round 3


Eric Dowd  vs. Colin Hartey  – 165 USKA 

Colin Hartey winner via unanimous decision 30-27 29-28 29-28


Nasir Wilson vs. Jeff Knapp175 USKA

Nasir Wilson winner via KO 1:34 of round 1


Sigourney Acevedo vs. Rachel Pinto-Martin – 112 MAX USKA

Sigourney Acevedo winner by unanimous decision 29 28 29-28 29-28