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Video: BROADENED HORIZIN – Beyond the Horizin Ep. 1: Wet-N-Wild!

This is BROADENED HORIZIN. The MMA podcast show hosted by Drake Riggs where we chat with your favorite Japanese and RIZIN superstars… in English!

Unlike the regular series of the program that features discussion with multiple guests, this is a new spinoff series, Beyond the Horizin!

What exactly this entails are multiple topic tidbits Shingo and Drake have talked about that were left on the cutting room floor during editing. So, essentially you’re getting plenty of bonus footage about all things RIZIN as well as some entertaining storytelling.

In this first special edition of BROADENED HORIZIN, the guys look at how things went when RIZIN first started back up after the world shutdown. Additionally, the possibility of women’s division expansion was looked at as well as the reasoning for title fights only being three rounds.

Ultimately, everything built up to reflecting on Shingo’s time with King of the Cage 11 years ago.  From randomly interviewing fans and fighters, fights in the rain, and a crazy trip out to Joshua Tree.

RIZIN’s next event, and first of 2021, RIZIN 27, goes down on March 21 live from Nagoya. The event begins at 1:00 AM EST and can be watched: here.

Before that, don’t forget to check out BROADENED HORIZIN Ep. 7 which featured five great guests – four of which will be in action on the card. Three make their promotional debuts, while the champ, Ayaka Hamasaki, headlines and defends her super atomweight crown.

Video: BROADENED HORIZIN Episode 7: Ayaka Hamasaki, Shizuka Sugiyama, Kazuki Tokudome, Yoshinori Horie, and Takumi Tamaru

All that and more on BROADENED HORIZIN! Watch the full episode in the video above or you can listen on the Loudmouth MMA Podcast Network wherever you find podcasts.


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