Ryan Bader vs. Phil Davis

Workout Of The Week: Darth Bader

Ryan ‘Darth” Bader has been a big name in the MMA game for years. Bader had a long storied career in the UFC after he won The Ultimate Fighter season 8. He has wins over Rampage Jackson, Phil Davis, Ovince Saint Perux, and Rashad Evans just to name a few. Being a 3 time Pac- 10 wrestling champion at Arizona State University and a big right hand, Bader can finish a fight on the ground or on the feet.

Bader has always been in great shape mentally and physically. His strength and conditioning is some of the best in MMA. He is a strong and well conditioned animal when he is in the cage. But all that strength and conditioning comes with the hard work from his fight camp leading up to the fight.

I took some of Bader’s strength conditioning workouts he has done over the years and put my own spin on them. The Darth Bader workout starts off with a few ladder drill exercises to get your whole body warmed up. After that you will jump into the strength and conditioning workout that will help you look and be as tough as Ryan “Darth” Bader.

Ladder Drill Warm up: 2x through

1.Bunny Hop down and back.

Darth Bader workout
Bader doing his warm up.

2.Single Leg Hop down and back then switch.

3.Lateral High Knees down and back.

4.Lateral Butt Kicks  down and back.

5.Rotational Ts in each box down and back.

6.Sprawls in each box down and back.

The Darth Bader Workout:

1.KB Clean and Press with a twist to one side at the top 3x  8-10 reps.

Darth Bader workout
Jess doing KB Front Squats.

2.KB Front Squats 3x 15.

3.Wood Chop with a band from Low to High 3x 8 Each side fast.

4.Drop Lunges with a Ball Slam to one side 3x 8 Each side.

5.Pushups 3x 50.

6.Weighted Sled Push 3x 30 yards down and 30 yards back.

7.Wall Balls 1x 10. 1x 8. 1x 6 3x.

8.Single Leg KB Deadlifts 8 Each

Superset 3x

KB Bulgarian Split Squat (One KB up high and one KB hanging low)  8 Each.

9.Overhead Ball Throws to a wall 15

Superset 3x

Darth Bader workout
Brian launching a Hulk Throw behind him.

Hulk Throws Behind 12 (6 down and 6 back) .

10.KB Catcher Squat 45 seconds

Superset 3x

Single Leg Hip Bridge 10 Each.


Good Luck, have fun, and catch Ryan “Darth” Bader this Saturday as he takes on Phil Davis for the Light Heavyweight championship at Bellator 180’s Free Spike TV card before the big PPV later that night.

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