Amun Cosme

Amun Cosme May Start “The Chaos Off The Rip” at UFL 3

Amun Cosme clashes with Valodia Aivazian at United Fight League 3 on August 12th.

Cosme appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts to discuss his road from UFL 1 to now, being in the semi-finals of a big tournament with a company providing fighters health insurance, and a whole lot more. Excerpts from the chat are below.

Amun Cosme

What are your overall thoughts resume-wise and in terms of better stylistic attributes on your United Fight League 3 opponent, Valodia Aivazian

“Well, it wasn’t just dissecting tape. It was also like me and him both fought on the same card. So I saw him fight live. So me and my coaches got to see him fight live. Then when we went and analyzed the footage and stuff like that. Like I said having a twenty-time UFC vet in Cole Miller and my team with Lathon Lawson and Bubby Mitchell, it’s like doesn’t hurt at all. It helps a lot. I trust them to lead me down the path of victory. They trust me to listen and also the skillset if things aren’t going the way we initially planned.”

“Because you can plan for something that you see in tape or in person but we both had six months to prepare for this fight. So it’s ok well, what if he comes out stylistically different then you oppose? Then you also have the ability to adjust and be creative and aware of things on the fly. But stylistically he’s a European-style kickboxer. Dutch-style kickboxing is really good, he’s got heavy hands. Just from the way he strikes, you can tell that he’s not afraid to get hit, he’s not afraid to throw back, and he’s not going to be deterred.”

United Fight League 3

“I keep telling everybody that that’s the biggest thing is like he’s not going to get hit and then like buckle. In his last fight, he was down two rounds. He came out in the third round and started applying pressure which means he’s aware of what’s going on from round to round. So it’s like that’s a shark, you know. So it’s like basically shark week alright. You’ve got two sharks in there and it’s about who’s gonna force the other person to play their game. Like I said, my game is aggressive patience.”

Amun Cosme continued, “First word being aggressive, second word being patient and we know I can be disciplined in there. But if being disciplined isn’t working, we can mix it up. We can get a little chaotic. I absolutely don’t mind (laughs) being in the chaos. My team sometimes has to pull me back because they know that I kind of thrive in there sometimes like starting the chaos. They’re like bro, you just started the chaos off the rip. I’m like I know, I know. I’m sorry, I’m sorry (laughs).”

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