Michael Blockhus - Bellator 298 - Photo Credit: Matt Davies

Michael Blockhus - Bellator 298 - Photo Credit: Matt Davies

Michael Blockhus expecting to dominate in pro debut at Bellator 298

Following a successful collegiate career at the University of Minnesota wrestling, Michael Blockhus is set to make his professional MMA debut at Bellator 298. That debut will come against Eli Mefford in a featherweight fight and for Blockhus, he’s expecting to make a quick and dominate debut to begin his career, and wrestling has helped shape him for that.

Speaking to MyMMANews.com before his fight, Blockhus discussed making his debut, the team he has with Kill Cliff FC, and how his wrestling background has prepared to make the move to MMA.

Not the only wrestler or member of Kill Cliff FC making his debut at Bellator 298, Michael Blockhus spoke about his teammate Jordan Oliver and several other team members being on the card with him and the excitement that comes with that.

“It’s exciting, I get to try a new combat sport, I’ve been wrestling my whole life. Like my buddy JO [Jordan Oliver] said this is different, we get to punch, kick, and choke each other out, I’m excited, I’m coming with energy. It’s awesome, a lot of us have been talking the energy and vibes because you have all these guys here and we’re all doing the same thing. It feels like home away from home, it’s awesome.”

Having spent his entire life on the wrestling mats and at the University of Minnesota, Blockhus detailed how his life-long dedication to the sport of wrestling has molded him and prepared him for the move to professional MMA.

“We talk about a lot of us have this dog in us, right? Wrestling has done an amazing job in bringing that dog out of you and not only that, becoming a better man. The work ethic and everything, it all goes into play, wrestling teaches you nutrition and everything you need as a MMA fighter and that mentality side of things. The wrestling community is huge, I got a strong backing coming into this fight and if I was this kid [Mefford] I’d be nervous because it’s not just me, it’s everyone that supports me.”

Despite the fact that wrestling has been at the forefront of his athletic career, Michael Blockhus shared excitement when talking about the opportunity to put all of his skills on display.

“Super pumped. It’s been a long summer of just training and trying to find the mixed martial artist in myself. Striking, it’s been different until I got to Kill Cliff. They’re all professionals, they’re all top guys in the world, and getting to train with that type of caliber of athlete where we can share our skills together, it’s a room full of killers. I’m excited to showcase all of these skills.”

Coming into his debut, Blockhus doesn’t want to waste any time inside the Bellator cage, and he’s looking and expecting to dominate and make a statement in his first professional fight.

“Everyone wants to get in and get out because you’re not paid by the minute, second,  so obviously that’s the goal. I train to go hours on hours of an MMA match if I really have to until that kid breaks. That’s what I’m going to go in there tomorrow, I’m going in there with my dog mindset and I’m going to break this kid’s will to ever step into a cage again.”

Determined, focused, and prepared to dominate in his professional debut, Michael Blockhus has a family in his Kill Cliff FC team behind him, an  extensive background in wrestling fueling him, and at Bellator 298, he plans to explode onto the pro MMA scene.

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