BKFC President David Feldman left Anthony Johnson center Chris Lytle right Photo by MyMMANews photograph William McKee

BKFC President David Feldman (left), Anthony Johnson (center), Chris Lytle (right) - Photo by MyMMANews photograph William McKee

Bare Knuckle now sanctioned in Georgia, David Feldman reacts

The state of Georgia recently approved a proposal to regulate and allow bare knuckle fights in “the Peach State” through Amendment 1 to HB 76.

Now that the last and southernmost of the original Thirteen Colonies has sanctioned bare-knuckle fighting, it has opened the door for future events to be promoted by the acclaimed Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship, (BKFC).

Said David Feldman, President and Founder of BKFC, “We’re very excited to have the opportunity to promote in Georgia. We have a very large contingent of supportive fans from the state traveling to our shows in the Southeast in addition to having a massive number of subscribers watching our events on the BKFC App.”

This past Saturday, April 29, the monumental BKFC-41 Pay-Per-View event was watched by millions worldwide continuing to validate the enormous international growth of the promotion.

BKFC’s next event, BKFC-42, emanates from Greenville, South Carolina on Friday, May 12 headlined by an outstanding main event featuring Tony ‘Loco’ Soto battling Tyler ‘El Tornado’ Goodjohn in the lightweight division.

Current BKFC ruleset:

1. Fighters are permitted to wrap and tape the wrist, thumb, and mid-hand. No gauze or tape can be within 1 inch (25 mm) of the knuckles.

2. Fighters will “toe the line”. There are two lines, 3 feet (91 cm) apart, in the center of the ring where the fighters will start each round. The front foot will be on the line, and the referee will instruct the fighters to “knuckle up”, which indicates the beginning of the bout/round.

3. Punches are the only strike allowed and must be with a closed fist (no kicks, elbows, knees or grappling).

4. In the clinch, the fighter may punch his way out with the open hand. If there is a three-second lull in action while clinching, the referee will break the fighters.

5. A fighter who is knocked down will have 10 seconds to return to his feet, or the referee will stop the fight. It is not permitted to hit a downed fighter. Any fighter who does will be disqualified, and the purse will be withheld. While a fighter is downed, the other fighter will be instructed to report to a neutral space.

6. If a fighter is cut and the blood is impairing a fighter’s vision, the referee may call a timeout to give the cutman 30 seconds to stop the bleeding. If the blood cannot be controlled and the blood inhibits the fighter’s vision, the referee will stop the fight and award victory to the other fighter.

7. Fights are two minutes per round and each bout will be 3 or 5 rounds in length. In BKB can be 3, 5 or 7.

8. Attire: All fighters must have a groin protector with a cup, a mouthpiece, trunks or boxing trunks, and boxing/wrestling shoes.

9. All fighters are expected to give 100% effort and behave with complete sportsmanship.

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