UFC Fight Night 164

Blachowicz vs Jacare Prediction from 22Bet: UFC Fight Night 164

UFC Fight Night 164 will see Light Heavyweight fight as Jan Blachowicz squares off with the Brazilian former middleweight, Ronaldo Souza. UK bet site 22BET offers their take on the upcoming fight.

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The Pole is the favorite for this matchup with his experience in the category, and in the end, the sheer quality of his fighting. The 36-year-old Pole is in a great form, winning five of his latest six fights, with the only loss coming to an animalistic performance from Thiago Santos. Blachowicz is highly motivated recently, as he faced expulsion from UFC after a string of four defeats in five fights. However, the recovered Prince of Cieszyn reanimated career, and now he’s gunning for the top.

Blachowicz’s next opponent is no joke either. Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ Souza realized that the age is catching up with him, making what looks like a smart decision, as he decided to move up to a light heavyweight division in order to compensate for his increasing lack of speed and agility. Years and years of failure to secure the trophy fight resulted in Souza cutting his losses in the middleweight, rather giving it a shot in a division where it’s realistic for him to expect to become one of the top fighters.

Physical Form

Both of the fighters had time to prepare, especially Souza, who fought his last fight in April, where he lost to Hermansson by a unanimous decision. Souza had a similar summer pause last year, where he battled it out in May loss versus Kelvin Gastelum and in November where he beat Chris Weidman. It’s indicative because Ronaldo lost to Hermansson in April, so if the numbers are correct, he should beat Blachowicz tomorrow.

However, it’s not all so simple. This is a different division and a different world for Souza – the one where Blachowicz is at the top and the Brazilian is yet to prove himself despite the optimistic claims. To make things worse for Souza, his decreasing speed doesn’t bode well with Blachowicz’s reach, a segment especially important in slower divisions, in which light heavyweight is compared to middleweight.

UFC Fight Night 164 Prediction

It’s hard to see aging Souza adapting so quickly that he can beat the light heavyweight veteran and one of the best fighters in the division tomorrow. Despite his unlikely chances, this could be an opportunity for ‘Jacare’ to prove that he still has it, and the motivation will be huge for the Brazilian fighter. Taking all factors into account, it still feels like Blachowicz is more prevail, although not with ease that some would expect.

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