Brandon Rotell

Brandon Rotell climbing into the ring just like his father did, set for debut at USKA Fight Sports Reloaded

Brandon Rotell will be getting some extra advice when he makes his kick-boxing debut on December 8 at USKA Reloaded in Allentown, PA.  His father did some boxing when he was younger and was even on television.  Rotell went the wrestling route as a youth, but now finds his passion working on his striking skills.

Brandon makes his debut against Noah Dumaine-Schutz and is excited to have the opportunity to go to battle with some of his teammates on the fight card as well.  (Please listen to our interview in the link below) Rotell says his dad will be there cheering him on as well as other loved ones.

MyMMANews will have live results, and some photos.  I will also be handling post-fight inter views in the ring.


Brandon Rotell