Ross Levine

Ross Levine more than ready for main event slot at USKA Fight Sports Reloaded

After speaking with Ross Levine for the first time, I could already tell that he is a man with a plan.  Ross has his stuff together and is killing it in real life with his career and now is moving into that territory with his fight game.  Levine will enter the ring at USKA Fight Sports Reloaded on December 8th in Allentown, PA.   He will be the final fighter of the night to make the walk as he is lined up to face Tim White in the main event.  White is 4-0 with 4 knockouts and Levine has no plan on being his 5th.

Please listen to Ross’s full interview in the link below.  He brings a sense of professionalism and intelligence with him wherever he goes. We shall see how it plays out in the ring on Saturday.  MYMMANews will be on hand for live results and post-fight interviews and will grab some photos as well.

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Ross Levine