Gunnar Nelson, Conor McGregor

Gunnar Nelson plans to help Conor McGregor in next training camp

Gunnar Nelson, unfortunately, could not help Conor McGregor during his training camp for Khabib Nurmagomedov. Nelson, who hails from Iceland but trains at SBG in Ireland, is a frequent training partner of McGregor’s.

However, when McGregor was making his long-awaited return to the Octagon at UFC 229, Nelson was not helping McGregor out.  That is because Nelson was dealing with an injury.

“It was very unfortunate, obviously, that I couldn’t join the camp because of my knee,” he said at UFC 231’s media day. “I could have maybe done it right at the end, but he had everything planned out and he had his guys there. But it was a little bit difficult to see.”

Meanwhile, since McGregor lost the fight he has been clamoring for a rematch. Although Tony Ferguson realistically deserves the next shot. Once McGregor gets another shot at Nurmagomedov, Nelson will be helping McGregor prepare for the fight.

“I think for the next one — and I believe there will be another one at some point — I’ll be there for his camp for sure,” he said.

Ultimately, as he was watching the fight, Nelson noticed some things McGregor should have done a lot better. He believes McGregor wasn’t fighting his style of fight. Instead, Nurmagomedov was implementing his game plan, which is the main reason why he won.

“Yeah definitely [I can see some things],” he said. “I’m sure he can as well, and John [Kavanagh], our coach. “I think there was a bit too much chase in this fight,” he added. “I’m not going to go into detail about Conor will beat Khabib. “I’m a different fight than Conor, so my strategy would probably be a bit different than his, but you don’t want to sit in [Nurmagomedov’s] world, and guys tend to do that a little bit. Guys seem to get caught in his world, and that’s his world.”

Nelson is set to take on Alex Olivera on the main card of UFC 231. After his fight, the hope is he can help train McGregor for his next fight and see his close friend become a UFC champion again.

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