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Cobra Kai Season 4 Pound-For-Pound Rankings

Alright, listen up, jabroni. Cobra Kai season 4 kicked ass. So much ass that it makes sitting down hard for you. With all of the new fights that went down, I think it’s high time that we start some rankings. Who is the best pound for pound fighter in the Cobra Kai series? Today, we actually go through and see. Here are the top five pound for pound fighters in the Cobra Kai series as of season 4. Reader beware, spoilers are major in this one.

First, listen to some Van Halen to get yourself in the mood. A little Hot For Teacher, if you will.

Cobra Kai Season 4 Pound-for-Pound Rankings

So, Terry Silver is back and he screwed over John Kreese (surprise, surprise). LaRusso has brought over Chozen to help defeat the new Cobra Kai. Johnny lost Miguel and everything is crazy after the All-Valley. No idea when season 5 is set to come out but we have to do our pound for pound rankings now before it starts. Let’s begin.

Some of the fighters in the hunt did not make the pound for pound list, unfortunately. Kyler Park had a sub-par tournament and a decent showing could have had the first-time competitor make his pound for pound debut. Newcomers Kenny Payne for Cobra Kai and Devon Lee for Eagle Fang made fantastic rookie showings. Even though they were not considered to be in the top pound for pound list, look for them in season 5 and beyond to make their debut as one of the best karateka in the Valley. Lastly, Demetri may not have been on the top of our list to be best karateka, but his improvements since joining Miyagi-do have been very apparent. His home might be in kata, but don’t count him out for an upset win next season as well that could put him in the top five.

#5 – Miguel Diaz

It’s been a rough year for the defending All-Valley champion. From his back injury in the school fight to essentially forfeiting to Hawk in this year’s tournament, Diaz has had a big fall from grace since capturing the title last year. Now, his whereabouts are unknown as rumors are swirling that he may be giving up karate in lieu of personal goals. Diaz was the former number one pound for pound but his loss in the semi’s to Hawk really brought him down in the rankings. That’s why we have him at five. Diaz is also at risk of being dropped from the rankings due to retirement if rumors are true. We will have to wait until season 5 to make that decision, however.

#4 – Sam LaRusso

Sam LaRusso has big shoes to fill. Her dad, Daniel, is the two time All Valley Champion. With the inauguration of the women’s tournament this year, LaRusso could have been higher if she would have captured the title. But she fell short so here we are, ranking her four. LaRusso was at risk of slipping even further with a good showing from Diaz, but his elimination in the semi’s and Sam’s advancement to the women’s finals has her edging out the former champion on the new pound for pound rankings. LaRusso can make a big jump next season, however, with a few key wins over an opponent she’s beaten before.

#3 – Tory Nichols

The first ever women’s All Valley champion comes in at number three. Tory Nichols took Cobra Kai season 4 by surprise by winning it all and defeating Sam LaRusso in the finals. The match was close but Nichols managed to pull it out. The only thing holding her back from number two in our pound for pound list is her recent loss to LaRusso in season 3 and how close the match between the two was. LaRusso could have taken spot two with a win and take away the final match and these two really are neck and neck. Now there are accusations of match fixing coming in that hurt Nichols and could see her removal from the top five all together.

#2 – Robby Keene

Robby Keene was the favorite to come in at number one in the pound for pound list going into Cobra Kai season 4. But his loss in the finals really hurt his spot and now sees him at number two, despite not being a champion. Keene has it all: he brings he offense of Cobra Kai and has the defense of Miyagi-do. His time in both dojos has really done him well in making him a complete fighter. If he would have captured the championship, Robby Keene would have been number one. With rumors of him leaving Cobra Kai and returning to Miyagi-do, look for another evolution of Keene in season 5, especially with Chozen joining the team. Keene is one good win away from taking the top spot.

#1 – Eli Moskowitz (Hawk)

I thought about titling this section simply “Hawk,” but thought that would do a disservice to the evolution of Eli Moskowitz. In season 4 of Cobra Kai, Moskowitz looked to be down and out. He was one of my top picks at the end of season 3 but after losing his mohawk, Moskowitz seemed to lose his desire to fight. It was looking bad for Hawk as he entered the tournament. A fighter without motivation is a fighter in danger. But Moskowitz benefited from Diaz hurting himself and removing himself from the tournament. He seized the moment by going out and defeating top seed, Robby Keene. Now, Moskowitz, with Miyagi-do backing him, is the king of Cobra Kai after the events of season 4. The upset was enough to have Moskowitz claim the top spot and immortalize himself.

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