A Recap Of Karate Kid Part III So You Know What’s Going On In Cobra Kai Season 4

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QUIET! Before we get into recapping Karate Kid Part 3 to prepare you for Cobra Kai Season 4, listen to ‘Rock You Like A Hurricane’ by Scorpion to get you in the mood.

Now, the editor told me to make this article badass, and to be honest, there is no possible way that this would not be badass. So, you’re good to go. But what’s not badass is the fact that you haven’t watched Karate Kid Part 3 in over a decade. But with all these new COVID variants, like the decepticon variant, you might not have time to. So I’ll let you slide this time and give you a quick run down on the movie and remind you of the happenings in season 4 of Cobra Kai. If you haven’t seen Cobra Kai season 3, spoilers are inbound.

Cobra Kai Season 4: The Battle for the Soul of the Valley

Cobra Kai season 3 saw Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso be forced to put their decades old rivalry to the side. Kreese took over the Cobra Kai dojo and brainwashed some of the students to have his own personal army. Lawrence, knowing his old sensei was wrong, was forced to take his most loyal students with him leaving behind what he built. There, we saw the creation of Eagle Fang Karate.

On Daniel LaRusso’s side of things, he saw Kreese continue to tear down his dealership business move by move. With the manufacturer threating to pull it’s cars and it’s franchise, LaRusso traveled to Okinawa, Japan to plead his case. There he meets Kumiko, Yuki and Chozen from Karate Kid Part 2. The three help LaRusso with the car issue and with the Kreese issue.

The end of Cobra Kai season three saw both Lawrence and LaRusso merge Eagle Fang and Miyago-do to take on Kreese in a challenge at the All Valley Tournament. There, the two have everything on the line: loser must leave. Kreese, called on his friend to help prepare for the tournament: Terry Silver. It’s there when we left off that left everyone wanting more with the badass montage of Eagle Fang and Miyagi-do joining forces to “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins.

The Karate Kid Part 3: Just a reminder

Karate Kid Part 3 was quite dark, albeit not as dark as The Karate Kid which starred Jackie Chan. THAT was dark. In Karate Kid Part 3, Terry Silver lured Daniel LaRusso away from Mr. Miyagi with the promise of becoming better at karate. What he really was up to was to break LaRusso with Cobra Kai’s hard lined, militaristic tactics. Remember, Miyagi was about zen and self defense.

After breaking his body, Silver had his bought protoge, Mike Barnes, to sign up for the All Valley and break LaRusso. There, “Karate’s Bad Boy” Barnes brutalizes LaRusso, using unsportsmanlike and illegal tactics. To prolong the beating, Silver told Barnes to keep the fight a tie and to defeat him in sudden death. In the sudden death round, Miyagi, never one to give up on his student, urged Daniel to keep fighting. LaRusso musters the will to win and defeats Barnes to win his second All Valley.

Cobra Kai season 4 brings back Silver into the fold. It’s not known if Barnes will return but we know one thing, Daniel LaRusso will have more demons to confront. We also know that this season will not be the end, season five of Cobra Kai has wrapped filming and a release date is likely to follow shortly after season 4 is released.

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