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Jackson Baer Galka has North Star Mixed Martial Arts growing and creating

Jackson Baer Galka is doing what he loves. Jackson has been training and teaching for years after a back injury cut his professional fighting career short.  He worked all of his MMA around a family landscape business that took up much of his daily routine. Now he has made the move to owning and running North Star Mixed Martial Arts on a full time basis.

Located at 5904 Greene Street in Northwest Philadelphia, Galka is building a very respectable brand and giving back to his students with his years of training and experience.  Jackson has been one of the finest commentators on the regional MMA scene for some time now and if you ever get to listen to him calling a fight, it will be easy to notice why he is such a great instructor.

Jackson has a keen eye and a sharp sense of what is coming next.  I stopped up to Northstar to chat with my old friend right before he was about to teach a kid’s class.  Seeing him interact with the children and offer positive reinforcements is a thing of beauty.  In the interview above, Jackson gives us the inside on his new location, as well as some background on a few of his students who are also fighters.

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