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Brima Kamara ready for war at Friday Night Fights

Brima Kamara has been the biggest pride of Delaware when it comes to kickboxing in the past decade. Accumulating 60 fights between amateur status and pro ranks, he’s seen his fair share of bumps and bruises, trials and tribulations and captured numerous championships to stake his claim. However, knowing the gentle beast, he takes it all with stride, pride and good old fashioned hard work.

Recently, Kamara has taken over Jack Murphy’s “Jacks Kickboxing Gym” that has been a staple for Delaware fighters for close to 30 years. In lieu of Murphy’s retirement, he looked to his most promised pupil in Kamara to take full custody of the gym and run it like the well oiled machine its always been.

Kamara not only has taken off, full speed and running the school as it always was, Kamara makes time to fully invest in himself, too, as a full time professional kickboxer.

This coming Friday, Kamara takes on the heavy handed Rami Elite prizefighter, PJ Sweda in a 155lb bout to be featured on UFC Fight Pass. As neither fighter is coming to lose, Brima remains focused on what he has to do to outstrike, and overall beat the fierce striker, Sweda. Kamara states “This is PJ’s first time to 55, so I’m thinking he may have a hard time and maybe I can take some of his purse (laughs)”.

Quickly bouncing back to the serious note, Kamara continued “I’m ready to make it to 143 but no one wants smoke, so fighters fight and that’s what PJ and I are going to do.”

On questioning Kamara’s convictions on how he envisions winning the bout, Kamara briefly stated “I think I deserve it more, honestly.

On Saturday September 8, Kamara held an open workout for the public and media to show support, buy merchandise and watch the champ do what he does best as he gets ready in hopes to capture yet, another win on Friday Night Fights, less than a week away on UFC Fight Pass.

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