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January 29, 2020; Miami, FL, USA; Jake Paul steps on the scale to weigh in for his Matchroom Boxing USA bout at The Meridian at Island Gardens in Miami, FL. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom Boxing USA

Jake Paul takes aim at Dana White and Jorge Masvidal says he’d KO White, would love to fight Masvidal

The feud between YouTube star turned pro-boxer Jake Paul and the UFC continued in a big way this week. As Paul prepares to take on former UFC welterweight Tyron Woodley in a professional boxing match this Sunday, he was asked about some of the biggest names involved with the UFC, and he did not hold back.

Since Jake Paul was matched up with Ben Askren in April of this year, he has taken several shots at UFC President Dana White and the pay scale in which the UFC uses to pay their fighters. Looking to come off as an advocate for better fighter pay for UFC athletes, Paul took it a step further on Wednesday. During his workout scrum, Paul spoke to the media about his feud with White and said that he doesn’t think it’s anywhere near settled yet.

“I don’t think we’re done, man. We go back-and-forth at the end of the day. He’s always talking about me, I’m always talking about him, he’s trying to discredit what I’m doing. One moment he loves Tyron Woodley and he’s a five-time UFC champ and Dana White is saying he’s the greatest welterweight ever and then boom, 12 months later he [Tyron Woodley] sucks, Jake Paul’s fighting him. He’s’ just trying to discredit anything I do. Which, of course, that’s what I would do if I was in his position, he’s a smart guy.”

When asked about how he thinks the feud between himself and Dana White ends, Paul says he sees himself knocking out the UFC President.

“I think it ends with me running into him in a club in Vegas and knocking him the f**k out.”

Jake Paul didn’t just focus on Dana White during his workout scrum, as he was also asked about former ‘BMF’ welterweight champion Jorge Masvidal, who he used to train with, and turned the tables. After Masvidal picked his former training partner Tyron Woodley to win on Sunday, Paul had quite the response.

“I wasn’t surprised by Masvidal, he has the same manager as Woodley and the guy is kind of an airhead. Let’s be honest, does anyone here listen to a Masvidal interview and go ‘Wow that guy’s intellectual and he’s a smart guy, the way he talks, he’s very well spoken.’ I don’t think anyone says that. He’s a street fighter, gangster who got knocked the f**k out in his last fight. So maybe he’s losing a couple brain cells. I would love to fight Masvidal, I think it could very, very, much so happen.

While Dana White has yet to respond to Jake Paul saying he will knock him out, it didn’t take long for “Gamebred” Jorge Masvidal to respond, saying Paul has a handful of problems coming his way.

It appears the feud between Jake Paul and the UFC will continue to go on and will very likely continue to grow as long as he keeps being matched up with former UFC fighters like he has Askren and Woodley.

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