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Jonathan Haggerty: “I think Savvas has got a good chance [against Rodtang]”

At ONE 161, Jonathan Haggerty returns to the cage to take on Amir Naseri. While he was forced out of the Muay Thai Grand Prix due to an injury, Haggerty is now found a way to potentially get back in as an alternate. Regardless, he weighed in on the upcoming semi final matches between Rodtang and Savvas Michael and on the other side Superlek and Walter Goncalves at ONE 160.

Jonathan Haggerty favors Rodtang and Superlek

After having gone with Rodtang before, he knows what the Thai is capable of. Savvas Michael is his next opponent and Haggerty points to his fight with Rodtang as a path to victory for Goncalves.

“It’s three rounds. The first fight I had with Rodtang, he didn’t hit me in the first three rounds, and I absolutely picked him apart, so I think Savvas has got a good chance for three rounds. It’s interesting. I think Rodtang will win but Savvas does have a chance.”

On the other side, Jonathan Haggerty says that Goncalves has a better shot at beating Superlek than the other semifinalist versus Rodtang.

“Do you know what? I am giving Walter a chance in that one. I wasn’t too impressed with his last performance when [Josue Cruz] stepped in. It was a bit of a shame. I feel like the other guy [crumbled under the pressure], but Walter is going to train as hard as he can.”

Once again, Haggerty points to his experience with Taiki Naito for insight on the upcoming matchup with Superlek. He says the similar styles can give Superlek problems in the fight.

“He’s tricky. Superlek struggled with Taiki Naito for the first few minutes. And if you see what I did to Naito, I absolutely obliterated him. Superlek struggled a little bit with his style, so he might struggle with Walter. So everybody has a chance.”

Jonathan Haggerty takes on Amir Naseri as an alternate bout for the ONE Championship Muay Thai featherweight Grand Prix at ONE 161 on August 26 live on Amazon Prime.


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