Kylie Welker

Kylie Welker becomes first commitment for Iowa’s women’s wrestling team

Kylie Welker is the first women’s wrestler to commit to Iowa’s newly minted women’s college wrestling team. Welker is an Olympic trials finalist and a very good pickup for the Hawkeyes, someone they program can build around. Welker is a Junior World Champion and made it to the finals of the Trials, as mentioned, falling to Adeline Gray who took home the silver medal in the 2020 Olympic Games.

Near the end of last year, the Iowa Hawkeyes announced the addition of women’s wrestling to their collegiate team. The announcement was the first of it’s kind, making Iowa the first ever Power 5 college team with a women’s wrestling program. It’s a fantastic place to start as Iowa’s men are the defending NCAA National Champions. The school announced that the team will begin competition in the 2023-24 season.

Kylie Welker and The Iowa Hawkeyes

Kylie Welker marks the first signing for the inaugural women’s NCAA wrestling team for a Power 5 school with more to follow. A rapidly growing sport, Iowa is banking on being the first to the party and signing the nation’s best recruits. Coach Clarissa Chun is excited to get this team built from the ground up and believes that Welker is a great first step not only for Iowa, but for Welker as well.

“This is an incredible moment for Kylie, her family and the Iowa wrestling program,” Chun said. “She is the complete package — competitively, socially, academically — and the perfect ambassador for the university and this program. We continue to make history in Iowa City. The work doesn’t stop for me or for Kylie with this commitment. This is only the beginning for her and Iowa women’s wrestling.”

With women’s wrestling growing as fast as it is, one can fully expect for more teams to follow suit. Wrestling amongst young girls is as popular as it’s ever been and is continuing it’s growth both domestically and internationally. Stay posted to My MMA News for all the latest NCAA wrestling news. Thanks for reading!


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