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Mandy Sacs OnlyFans page teased, launched

Former WWE Superstar Mandy Rose, now going by the name of Mandy Sacs, has launched her official OnlyFans page.

“What’s up everyone? I have some exciting news, I will be joining OnlyFans, launching very soon,” Sacs said in a video posing in a bikini in front of a pool. “So, stay tuned and let’s have some fun!”

Along with a poolside video, the famed pro wrestler star’s announcement was initially shared via the official OnlyFans Instagram page.

“Former WWE Champ @MandySacs is making her OnlyFans debut! Subscribe today to keep up with Mandy. 👊

“(OF: MandySacs) #WelcomeToOnlyFans #OnlyFans”


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Sacs was fired from WWE in December of last year after photos and videos were leaked from her subscription-based FanTime page without the promotion’s approval.

The official OnlyFans page link is:

A one-month subscription is $9.99 while 3 months is $23.98 and 12 months is at $59.94.

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