Mitch Raposo Dominant Once Again, Captures Cage Titans Flyweight Championship

Mitch Raposo Dominant Once Again, Captures Cage Titans Flyweight Championship

Cage Titans has produced a lot of talent over the years and every card seems to have a prospect that everyone is talking about after. At Cage Titans 38 this past Saturday, that prospect was 19-year-old Mitch Raposo who captured their amateur flyweight title in a five round unanimous decision victory over John Lessard. Raposo fights out of Regiment Training Center and cross trains with Lauzon MMA as well where he spars with the likes of UFC fighters Rob Font and Kyle Bochniak.

Mitch Raposo

Mitch Raposo updated his cover photo.

Raposo’s unanimous decision impressed those watching live and even Cage Titan’s broadcast partner so much, they compared him to the one and only Georges St. Pierre. A comment that places just below the actual win in his mind.

“Getting that attention from FloCombat, calling me the 19-year-old phenom and comparing me to GSP, and they were raving about how good I looked. It’s a huge deal, they’re one of the biggest feeder websites as far as streaming goes for MMA nationally, when they gave me that type of attention, that made my night just as much as the win did.”

Mitch Raposo on FloCombat

The only aspect of the fight Raposo was disappointed in was that he didn’t get the finish.

“That was one thing I was really mad about,” said Raposo. “I was really mad about that but at the same time every body was coming up to me saying how dominant I looked and how clean I looked, how smooth, you know on the feet, wrestling, my jiu jitsu game. So, I was happy, to be honest, he was just in survival mode.”

The match came about because former Cage Titans amateur flyweight champion Jacobo Apito vacated the title so Lessard can get a title shot. After his fight with Lessard, Raposo talked with Apito and was told that he wants to move up in weight, so that fight will not be happening any time soon.

Speaking of moving up in weight, Raposo also expressed the desire to do so before turning pro.

“Just for a challenge, just to make it interesting and see if I can finesse one of these bigger dudes.”

However, Raposo confirmed he will compete at flyweight as a pro. His plan is to fight next on June 16 and defend his belt against former champion Josh Meehan.

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