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MyMMArijuanaChronicles featuring Noah Cutter: “People are plenty productive on marijuana”

In this installment of MyMMArijuanaChronicles, current BKFC fighter Noah Cutter speaks out about his usage of cannabis in his everyday regimen for recovery and overall mental clarity.

In the past several years, the cannabis market has absolutely exploded worldwide. Between CBD, Delta 8, edibles, and more, the ever-growing options for an all-natural source of therapy/relief in cannabis has gone from a “gateway drug” to soaring into a 24 billion dollar industry and only showing signs of growth.

Cutter, 1-2 inside of the infamous BKFC squared circle makes it clear, “I’ve always smoked,” he says. Emphasizing, The older you get, the more and more you begin to realize the beneficial properties of it and the ways it can help,” he says. “The majority of athletes already do use it, he confesses. Explaining, “a lot of people use it for pain and anxiety.” Whereas, “On a personal level it helps me relax. Helps me be calmer,” says Cutter.

An unfortunate and utterly untrue stereotype that is often linked to cannabis users is the idea that they’re likely to get lazy after medicating. Cutter, however, isn’t shy to shut that poorly touted stigma down, stating, “Like 70 to 80 percent of people that are doing combat sports are smoking (cannabis),” he says. Continuing, “These aren’t lazy people by any means. We work very hard. We have to be places. We have to do things. We have to exercise. We got to do this, this, and this,” says Cutter. Continuing, “to think that you can just get up and like I said, get high in the morning and just sit around and not do anything is wrong, totally impossible and impractical!”

Cutter also expands into other world-class athletes who utilize saying, “When you see some of the athletes, not just combat sports athletes but all-around athletes that win gold medals at Olympics (Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt, amongst others) and things like that. It’s pretty hard to say that people that are smoking are lazy people,” he says with a laugh.

Tune in above to hear the full conversation featuring hard-hitting BKFC fighter, Noah Cutter as we go one on one to discuss his view on cannabis in sports. We also discuss his recent bout with Kaleb Harris and his liking for a rematch. We discuss other potential upcoming opponents and so much more!

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