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MyMMArijuanaChronicles review: Tronian Milatron

Are you tired of investing into herbal vaporizers that do the minimum but cost a premium?  Look no further! The Tronian Milatron is here to save your day, your wallet, as well as your mental sanity!


Initial Thoughts

Tronian exceeded my expectations when they delivered the Milatron herbal vape. With the astronomical price range in the vaping community, the Milatron defies the odds with its astoundingly low price point of only $109. The device itself is structurally sound, heavy duty and is as extremely simple to operate.  The OLED screen helps you dial your settings to the degree, which is essential, in my personal opinion. 



With just 5 clicks, your Milatron is powered on and heating up. Before doing that, load your herb/flower into the top chamber.  Once the device is powered in, you can set the temperature on the extremely readable OLED screen as well as the session timer. By default, the device is set to 180 degrees Celsius and 240 seconds by default. However, you can adjust all of that as well as the temperature conversion (Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice-versa) to your liking. The heating chamber reaches it’s set threshold at merely 25 seconds, which is nothing compared to other herbal vapes heat-up times. Once the Milatron is ready to hit, you can expect tasty, robust pulls that are very easy and smooth to draw each and every time for as long as your session timer lasts.



⁃            Tronian Milatron

⁃            USB-Charger

⁃            Packing tool

⁃            Wire brush (for cleaning)

⁃            2 replacement screens


Key Features:

•           Save Money on Dry Herb

•           Hybrid Convection Heating System

•           240°C (464°F) Max Temperature

•           Precise Temperature Control



As I mentioned previously, the build of the device is quality, heavy duty and doesn’t feel cheap to the touch. My only complaint is the devices overall bulk, compared to other competition brands. However, in contrast, the bucket depth holds more material (flower/herb) than the average vaporizer which is a huge plus for me.  With that said, the overall size of the device comes with it’s give and takes. However, if you’re looking for a quality device with all the bells and whistles for an affordable price, look no further than the Tronian Milatron.



The Milatron by Tronian includes a one-year warranty which I doubt you’ll be using. The versatility mixed with the overall rugged and heavy duty; easily usable device doesn’t strike me as cheap. You can check it out and pick one up for yourself at their product page here.




Do yourself a favor and pick up the Milatron by Tronian.  At this point, I sound like a broken record, however with all of the intricacies that come included with this device, between the hardware and overall technology, you just won’t beat the pricing on top of the quality. At $109 retail value, the Milatron is simply a great choice!



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