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Mendo Breath Strain Seeds Benefits

Mendo Breath Strain Seeds Benefits

Pros & Cons of Mendo Breath Seeds

Mendo Breath is one of the most famous strains. This delicious weed has both admirers and haters who don’t want to deal with marijuana anymore. Like all strains, Mendo Breath weed has advantages and disadvantages. Should you opt for Mendo Breath seeds? Find out more about the pros and cons of this weed from our Mendo Breath strain review to make your final decision.

Pros of Smoking Mendo Breath

Mendo Breath has many benefits that show different aspects of cannabis. These characteristics are of great importance to smokers, even if their sole purpose is to get high.

Mendo Breath Has Worthy Genetics

Gage Green Genetics company has created a new cannabis strain by crossing OG Kush Breath and Mendo Montage. The result is an Indica-dominant hybrid that can soothe a person and gently make them sleep. While you may be fascinated by this marijuana strain, don’t underestimate it. That massive high and potent 19% THC can effortlessly knock you out.

The Weed Is Famous For Its Taste

These little buds are mint green with orange hairs and look very sweet. Indeed! In addition to the characteristic smell of grass, you can notice sweet notes of vanilla and caramel.

It Is Easy to Smoke

Unlike many harsh-tasting strains, Mendo Breath has a mild flavor. Therefore, it is effortless to smoke. The beauty is that cannabis won’t make you cough or cry. In addition, after smoking indoors, a light plume of caramel and vanilla remain for a long time.

Mendo Breath Effects

Mendo Breath is perfect for evening wear. You should not, however, smoke weed right in the morning. Otherwise, you can lie in bed until the next day. From the very first breath, you will feel relief and heavy relaxation. This weed gives you a great body high while you can forget about your worries and spend your evening watching a movie.

This Strain Has Significant Medical Properties

Medical patients are mainly looking for Mendo Breath to relax and get rid of stress. In addition, cannabis offers its helps in relieving pain and nausea. The deeply relaxing effects allow marijuana to reduce anxiety and depression. Many also consider Mendo Breath to be the perfect sleep aid. But one way or another, cannabis will provide you with a good rest after a busy stressful day.

It Is Easy to Grow

Mendo Breath strain is simple to grow. However, it requires warm, sunny, and dry weather. Mendo Breath cannabis plants will not be as tall as Sativa and will usually grow 30 to 80 inches. Regardless, you will presumably have to prune the plant’s lower branches so as not to block access to the sun. In addition, these plants have a high disease resistance. That is why Mendo Breath weed is resilient to mites, insects, and mold. Mendo Breath flowering time is 7 to 9 weeks.

Mendo Breath Strain Gives Big Yield

Even though your first growing experience may not be very successful, Mendo Breath can still give you a great harvest. Your jackpot is 10-12 ounces per square meter. This weed usually produces more yield when grown outside.

You Can Effortlessly Improve Weed Quality

Growing high-quality marijuana usually requires professional equipment and expensive fertilizers. Yet, it is worth putting in some effort to improve the Mendo Breath harvest. The most important thing for a plant is to get all the necessary substances from the soil. 

Therefore, it is worth trying to ensure that your soil is complex and does not allow water to stagnate for a long time. In addition, it would be nice to get soil with essential nutrients. 

Another life hack is to add more nitrogen to the plant during the vegetative stage. But at the flowering stage, you need to feed cannabis with potassium and phosphorus. It maximizes the number of terpenes, which, in turn, influence both the flavor and the effects of the weed.

Price Is Reasonable

Looking at the prices for buds in dispensaries, each of us probably thought about whether to start growing marijuana ourselves. And indeed, when buying seeds, you get several bushes at once. A large yield (up to 12 ounces) will provide you with weed for a long time. In addition, the cultivation of Mendo Breath itself cannot be called expensive.

Mendo Breath Disadvantages

Even if Mendo Breath seems perfect, don’t rush to stock up on weed since some disadvantages can be decisive for you.

The Strain Has Its Side Effects

Indica-dominant hybrids are not suitable for everyone. It is because not everyone is ready to experience severe drowsiness. Yes, Mendo Breath is relaxing, but it makes your body heavy and unable to stand up. 

If you decide to spend the evening smoking weed, you should not plan anything else for that night. You probably won’t want to get out of bed. In most cases, marijuana also causes intense thirst. Side effects do not cause much discomfort, but you should not take too large a dose. After oversmoking, you may experience intense panic and paranoia.

It Contains a Low CBD Level

Mendo Breath strain has surprisingly low levels of CBD. It is unfortunate since THC and CBD make the perfect duet, which allows you to enhance the therapeutic effects of the strain.

Couch Lock Can Occur

If you don’t mind lying on your couch all evening, this flaw won’t be something noteworthy for you. But some people are afraid to imagine an evening when you do absolutely nothing. You may feel frustrated the next day if you make too many plans. Mendo Breath will put you to sleep before you want to do anything.

Mendo Breath Experience Can Be Overwhelming

As we have already mentioned, this marijuana is very easy to smoke. The smoke from weed is not very thick and harsh, which makes the user inhale the smoke over and over again. Take your time, because Mendo Breath can hit you in the head from the very first breath. You should not accelerate, start low and increase the dosage only after a while.

Bottom Line

Mendo Breath may be your favorite if you are looking for body relaxation. Even more, the joy this marijuana can bring you after cultivation. In this case, you will get a big harvest, with which you can experiment. You can make a cannabutter and bake wonderful cannabis cookies.

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