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MyMMArijuanaChronicles featuring Focus V: Max “Pain” Griffin & Barry Poppins

Full interview with Focus V’s, Barry Poppins and UFC welterweight, Max “Pain” Griffin above


On this very special featured edition of MyMMArijuanaChronicles, we spoke with some of the good people at Focus V about their latest release, the Carta 2, and the Colorways series.

Focus V is a cannabis hardware company providing some of the most cutting-edge technology in an ever-increasing cannabis industry/market.

Not many would argue that cannabis is a booming commodity right now.  The business infrastructure behind cannabis is at an all-time high.  The stigma of using cannabis is pretty much gone, and today’s culture finally seems to be at a point where they understand why cannabis can be taken for not only medicating, but also providing a sense of therapeutic relief.

I’ve seen Focus V advertise the Carta 2 via the power of social media time and time again and it’s always drawn my attention.  The simplistic, yet sleek design in addition to the beautiful lighting had me captivated.  Add a UFC fighter as one of your spokesman to the agenda, and you basically have my heart. 

UFC welterweight, Max “Pain” Griffin proudly promotes the Focus V team at every turn.  In fact, at one point, Griffin didn’t even work with the brand at all!  Moreover, he loved Focus V’s product line so much, he would advertise on his own accord and eventually, would become affiliated as a spokesman with the brand. 

The dichotomy of cannabis and combat sports fusing together to promote this beast of an E-rig is nothing short of amazing.  One could ask, could it get any better?

Well, the short answer to that question is, YES! The Carta 2 delivers on every aspect of what you could potentially want in an E-rig.  With the stylish ergonomic profile of the device, meeting its cutting-edge technology, a 360° heating quartz coated titanium atomizer, not to mention an LED light show that will make you want to dance the night away. It’s tough to top what Focus V has bestowed upon us in their beautiful Carta 2.

Tune into the full interview above with Focus V’s, Barry Poppins, and UFC welterweight Max “Pain” Griffin as they check in with MyMMArijuanaChronicles. Poppins discusses some of the business side of things that happen on the day-to-day at Focus V, as well as how the company comes up with all of their ingenious ideas.  Griffin provides excellent commentary from a first-person perspective of why he loves working and representing Focus V so much and why they’re arguably at the forefront of the E-rig game!


Check out my FULL review of the Focus V Carta 2 E-rig, below.


What’s in the box:

The Carta 2 comes inside a cozy padded, sleek and inviting box that contains the following:


•           Carta 2 Vaporizer

•           Focus V Case

•           Stopper plug

•           Instructions

•           Dab tool

•           USB-C cable

•           Isopropyl wipes

•           Q-Tips


“Celebrity settings”:

The world of social media has broadened exponentially since its inception.  Users flock to their Instagram, TIK-TOK, and Twitter accounts to keep them up to speed with the newest trends and hottest topics. 

UFC welterweight, Max “Pain” Griffin does his fair share of work in the realm of social media, and certainly makes no secret how much he utilizes his Focus V Carta 2.  Thus, similar to how influencers get signature meals at fast food chains, their own lines of clothing, or signature fragrances, we at MyMMANews and MyMMArijuanaChronicles needed to know how UFC veteran, Max “Pain” Griffin enjoys his dabbing! Check out the “Signature Settings” for Max “Pain” Griffin below.


Max “Pain” Griffin:

Focus V Carta 2 Max Griffin

Barry Poppins:

Barry Poppins Focus V Carta 2


How It Works:

To get started with your Focus V Carta 2, detach the glass bubbler from the ergonomic base and fill the bubbler to your desired pull (I filled mine roughly 1/4 of bubbler).  It’s extremely important to replace the bubbler back onto the base while aligning the hole of the bubbler with the hole of the base.  The Carta 2 comes with a 360° heating atomizer chamber to be used with oil, however, you can purchase (separately) an atomizer for dry herb, as well, making the Carta 2 usable for concentrates, as well as flower. 

To use your Carta 2, press the power button a total of 5 times to turn the device on.  You can set your desired settings via the vibrantly beautiful OLED screen with the “plus” (to increase) and “minus” (to decrease) buttons (+/-). Cycling through various settings is extremely simple by pressing the power button in as well as the plus/minus buttons to adjust the settings to your liking.  You can control all of these settings via the Focus V app (available in the App Store and Google Play), as well! A new and interesting way for users to further customize their Carta 2.


Vapor Quality: 

One of my favorite aspects of the Focus V Carta 2 is the quality of taste in each and every session.  Between the water filtration, the 100% customizable settings, on top of the quartz coated 360° heating atomizer, users can’t ask for much more to appease their individual wants. Rest assured, the Carta 2 delivers all of that and more!

The Carta 2 temperature settings impressively span between the ideal dabbing temperatures of 365°F-635°F.  The device conveniently comes with 4 pre-set (but customizable) temperature settings to help the user gauge what may be best suit them.  With the pre-sets being customizable, users may vary from an ideal pre-set to customize their session, further.

What I found enjoyable about the customizable pre-sets is not everyone dabs the same.  Some users want an extremely light-heat but long dab session to unwind and relax, whereas their buddy in the same room may want a really high-heat dab to medicate quickly and efficiently.  The Carta 2 offers something for everyone and is certainly ahead of the E-rig curve. 

The Focus V Carta 2 also conveniently attaches the sturdy glass insert carb-cap to the device with a silicone fitting making it impossible to drop your carb cap, on top of minimal room for obstruction to the piece.


Manufacturing Quality:

Focus V have significantly stepped up their game since the inception of the OG Carta 1.   The Carta 2 comes covered with a silicone rubber casing, adding a comfortable layer to fit in the user’s hands, just right. As previously mentioned, the Carta 2 concentrate 360° heating atomizer is quartz coated titanium with a bucket vastly bigger than the original, Carta 1.

The Carta 2 device provides a fully customizable LED strip at the base of the bubbler globe, and the bottom of the device.  Users can download the Focus V app and customize the lighting settings to their individual mood, or even to brighten up the party with a fun light show. If the app isn’t handy at the moment, fear not! Users can always manually dial in their temperature settings on the device, itself.  Overall, the build quality is top notch, and the technology is second to none.


Display and Controls/App:

The Focus V Carta 2 comes equipped with a stunningly vibrant OLED display screen on the device along with the previously mentioned 3 buttons (power button, plus button, minus button).  The simplistic aesthetic approach to such a technology driven product is absolutely mind blowing! The OLED screen displays all of the essentials, such as the session timer, temperature setting, and battery life.  With just the touch of a few buttons, you can adjust your session timer or temperature settings (if you opt to operate from the device, itself, opposed to the app.)

Users can download the Focus V app from the App Store or Google Play to help make their dabbing sessions a little less hectic.  Within the app, users have the option to fully customize their temperature settings, time settings and adjust the LED lights to their liking.  Once the user has their desired settings dialed in, with just the touch of the button within the app, the device will begin heating up for you to begin your session almost immediately. 



The Carta 2 operates, powered by an internal Li-ion Polymer 2000mAh -7.4V battery.  It usually takes about 90 minutes to fully charge to is maximum.  I can usually get 10-12 sessions from a fully charged battery, which is relatively decent.  With the ability of pass-through charging, you can utilize your device while it’s charging via the provided USB-C charging cable, making sure the device never powers down mid-session.

Users can improve their arsenal by heading to and grab their Carta 2 wireless battery charger base to rest their device on while their Carta 2 continues to charge to maximum capacity.



 While the Carta 2 is on the smaller side, and easily transportable, I usually tend not to travel with any of my pieces that have glass, mainly to avoid potential breaking/cracking.  However, for the sake of comparing and contrasting, I loaded up my Carta 2 in the official (included) Focus V travel bag, threw it around my shoulder and didn’t think twice.

While many other companies offer carry bags to be purchased separately, Focus V hit it out of the park with this travel bag.  The Carta 2 comes equipped with a travel bag with an internal adjustable Velcro strap for a snug fit.  To step their game up, even further, the Carta 2 comes with a bubbler plug, so if you need to pick up and go in a hurry, users have no worries of splashing or spilling the water out of their Carta 2.


Price point: 

The Focus V Carta 2 comes in at $350.00 for the jet-black color option and $375.00 for the Carta 2 Colorways. The newest edition to the Carta 2 family, the Colorways series come in 4 stunning new colors: Grape, Mint, Midnight, and Forest.  The price point of the Focus V Carta 2 is in the same ballpark as what you would pay for other competitive E-rigs on the market with this kind of technology.


The Bottom Line/Overall Experience:

Focus V might as well call themselves Babe Ruth after releasing this device because they called their own shot and hit it out of the park.  Out of all of my E-rigs, I find myself reaching for this one the most.

Vastly upgraded from the Carta 1, the new and improved Carta 2 is a step above its previous model by leaps and bounds (as well as many other E-rigs). All of the upgrades from the interface, a bigger atomizer, controls, all the way to the lighting display curate the Carta 2 to be an absolute knockout! 


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