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MyMMArijuanaChronicles Review: Mr. HempFlower

Our good friends at Mr. Hemp Flower could sense that the holidays were stressful for all of us here at MyMMANews and sent a care package of holiday cheer to make the festive season a little jollier and to supply some extra Christmas “trees” to light up our spirits (and bowls)!

 They sent us a hefty package of their Strawberry-Lime delta 9 gummies. They also sent a bottle of their 1,000 mg PCR CBD tincture, as well as both strains of their Delta-8 shatter coming in one-gram jars each.

 Let’s get into it and break down these fine products from Mr. Hemp Flower!


Mr. Hemp Flower believes in the healing capabilities in hemp. Trusting the herb that has aided in healing for centuries, their mission statement is to spread the message and give hemp a new reputation (opposed to the age-old stigma)


Delta-8 Shatter Highlights

 Being a guy who loves concentrate, I was extremely intrigued to sample Happy Hemp Flower’s Delta-8 shatter. Coming in two different strains; Blue Dream (Sativa) and Pineapple Kush (Hybrid), Mr. Hemp Flower was kind enough to send both options.

 Key Features

⁃            Delta-8 THC: 72-75%

⁃            CBN: .4%

⁃            1 Gram Shatter Jars

⁃            2 strain choices (Blue Dream & Pineapple Kush)

⁃            Perfectly Crafted Shatter

⁃            See Lab Report Here


My Take:

I utilized my shatter in several dabbing sessions with my Dr. Dabber Switch e-rig. I found the Blue Dream beneficial for a mid-day break to aid with jitters and anxiety without the typical and inevitable cannabis “crash”.  I found the Pineapple Kush (hybrid) better suited for the evening, to aid in unwinding and settling from the overall day.  Offering a sense of relaxation and overall settling during the onset, you can tell both shatter strains are expertly crafted. With a robust and flavorful taste in each dab of this high-quality concentrate, the quality is evident and very extremely pleasing!


 Delta-9 Strawberry-Lime 125mg 5pk

Gummies Highlights

•           25mg Delta-9 THC Per Gummy

•           Options of 5 Gummies Per Package or 30 Gummies Per Package

•           125mg-750mg Total Delta-9 THC

•           Organic and Vegan Ingredients

•           Strawberry- Lime Flavor

•           Third Party Labs


Mr. Hemp Flower makes their gummies using USA organic hemp sources from Colorado, Oregon, and Washington. Each gummy is crafted with full-spectrum oil of their highest quality hemp. Each gummy is packed with 25mg of Delta-9 THC per gummy (with the delta-9 distillate infused into each batch), in addition to infusing medicinal and beneficial cannabinoids such as CBC, CBD, and CBN.  With most dispensaries selling edibles/treats at 5-10% Delta-9 THC per/treat, Mr. Hemp Flower’s delightful 25mg edibles are a higher dosage and stronger to the punch.  However, users can simply cut a gummy in half if a full serving proves to be overbearing.

My Take:

I utilized these fantastic treats to unwind after long/stressful days and after vigorous workouts.  I found that after a grueling, busy, and hectic day, taking one of these aided in unwinding and taking the overall “load-off”.  Any lingering anxieties from the day quickly faded into oblivion as the giggles and the sensation of relaxation settled in.  

Mr. Hemp Flower gummies come in 30 packs, making it easy to stock up on (which I’d recommend!), or you can select a five-pack if you’re looking for a trial size.  With two delicious flavors to pick from, we received the Strawberry-Lime which were absolutely fantastic, and I’ll be looking to try their Blue Raspberry option ASAP!!! 

 Vegans will be delighted to hear that Mr. Hemp Flower makes their gummies with all-organic ingredients and are carefully, as well as safely crafted.  Rest assured, each and every ingredient and component are pure and safe, with the companies promise to NEVER add preservatives or artificial flavors. 

 30-day Money-Back Guarantee:

WHAT?! Come on! Seriously?!

If you weren’t sure about trying these safely crafted, pure, potent, and organic treats, guess what?! Mr. Hemp Flower offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if any of their delightful treats aren’t up to your standards.  How can you go wrong?!


1,000 mg PCR Hemp Oil Tincture


•           Phyto cannabinoid-Rich (PCR) Hemp Oil

•           500mg, 1000mg, and 2000mg Options

•           True Full Spectrum CBD Oil

•           Entire Hemp Plant Profile

•           See Lab Report Here


•           alpha-Bisabol

•           trans-Caryophyllene

•           Caryophyllene Oxide

•           alpha-Cedrene

•           Guaiol

•           alpha-Humulene

•           trans-Nerolidol

PCR Hemp Oil stands for Phyto cannabinoid-rich hemp oil. PCR hemp oil is closest to full spectrum CBD oil, but — in addition to cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids — PCR hemp oil also contains vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, phytonutrients, and other materials naturally present in the hemp plant.


 My Take:

I took my time with this one due to the fact that I’d be documenting a particular timeframe that I started taking the tincture as a part of my daily regimen.  I started taking Mr. Hemp Flower 1,000 mg PCR Hemp Oil on December 5, 2022.  Documenting my findings over the following weeks after sticking to a strict dosing regimen would help me get a better grasp of how I’d feel “before/after.”


Initially, during the first week, I’ll admit, typical to the addition of most new “medicines,” it just took some time.  No drastic changes or effects following a strict dosing regimen of .50 ML (half a dropper) after the first week. 


However, sticking to the same regimen in the following weeks would be a different story, all together.


In the second week, I noticed a significant change in my threshold for being annoyed/bothered.  Everyone has that thing that irks them, or they potentially find annoying.  I noticed slowly but surely my tolerance was expanding past limits that I haven’t seen in years.  Things that would normally disrupt my flow or mood, slowly faded into thoughts of nothingness.  It was as if I’d remembered a time that those “things” would bother me, but ultimately that time had passed and now, I’ll deal with it and move forward. 


In the following weeks, with the proverbial “weights” slowly but surely being lifted off of my shoulders, I felt more stable in my daily mood, and ready to attack each and every day.  My motivation was reaching a peak where in previous years, the strenuous time of the holiday season felt more defeating. 


I took my dose of Mr. Hemp Flower 1,000 mg PCR Hemp oil about 2 hours before bed each night, which I feel inevitably helped with my overall sleep, as well.  I was getting better sleep throughout the night and waking up daily with less brain fog as the weeks progressed. 


As I’m about finished my initial bottle of Mr. Hemp Flower 1,000 mg PCR Hemp oil, I’m extremely tempted to buy another bottle at a higher dosage to see if that will amplify the incredible effect that I’ve had, thus far.


The Final Round

If you’re in the market for quality and safe Delta-8 and Delta-9 products…Looks no further! Mr. Hemp Flower has you covered from flower, concentrates, edibles, and so much more! Show them some love like they showed us and be sure to tell them MyMMANews sent you!

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