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MyMMArijuanaChronicles review: The utilization of the Utillian 2

A quick look at the UTILLIAN 2

Let a kick this review off with my favorite way to intake my medicine. I’m predominantly a concentrate guy! Hence, I was really looking forward to utilizing this piece! The Utillian 2 is sleek, slim, and easily transportable concentrate vaporizer. Even better, it is extremely budget-friendly!
Coming in at the low price of $39.99 USD, the Utillian 2 is an absolute bargain and more affordable than many other vaporizers that do the same or less. For such a solid built and reliable concentrate vape, you can’t go wrong with the Utillian 2 and is amazing for traveling!
Offering a sturdy build with quality, heavy-duty metal body, the Utillian breaks down to several smaller parts. The Utillian 2 offers a sturdy glass mouthpiece, and magnetic components.
The Utillian 2 has 4 pre-set temperature options and a simple to use design.  It’s perfectly designed to be user friendly.  The device powers on and off with 5 clicks of the button and adjusts temperature settings with 2 rapid clicks of the button (while the device is powered on).  My favorite setting is the purple (3.8v) which provides dense hits while keeping the flavor of the concentrate intact.
What’s in the box?! (Said in my best Brad Pitt voice):
•           Utillian 2 vaporizer (with dual quartz coil)
•           Hardcover carrying case
•           Wax tool
•           USB charger
Temperature Setting:
•           Green: 3.0v
•           Blue:    3.4v
•           Purple: 3.8v
•           Red:     4.2v
The unit utilizes a dual quartz coil atomizer where you’ll load your concentrate and replace the magnetic oven lid.  A few clicks of the button, and you’re ready to go!

The Utillian 2 battery is covered with a 1-year warranty through, but I’d expect you’ll need to replace the atomizer before then. While having the device and using it consistently for a month, the quality of hits the Utillian 2 provides, on top of the durability of the devices construction makes it an easy go-to option.
Performance of the Utillian 2 is solid, all around! I thoroughly enjoy it while venturing deep into the woods on vigorous hikes! The device offers users the versatility of taking in your concentrate with all of its flavorful terpenes with a lower setting, while also offering you the option to blast off with a higher temperature setting, providing dense vapor clouds.   I’d absolutely recommend the Utillian 2 to anyone in need of a portable, durable, and easy-to-use concentrate vaporizer. The price point is well worth it, and the unit itself is extremely well constructed that you can rest assure that it can withstand some wear and tear. 
Added Bonus
The Utillian 2 has a silicone adapter that comes in the Utillian Glass Bubbler kit if you want to enhance your dabbing game by getting a water bubbler to cool down those robust, flavorful pulls. Get the Utilian Glass Bubbler kit below:
Final Stanza
For the price mixed with the quality, the Utillian 2 is a one-stop-shop for your concentrate needs.  The product’s build is durable, discrete, lightweight while maintaining quality. You can shop for your Utillian 2 or Utillian Glass bubbler kit below:

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