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MyMMArijuanaChronicles: Tyler Goodjohn talks cannabis: “It just changed my life”

Interview with Tyler Goodjohn above

Tyler “El Tornado” Goodjohn stormed into the BKFC squared circle in 2020 figuratively and literally. Transitioning from the UK’s premier bare-knuckle promotion, BKB (former featherweight champion) to the world’s biggest bare-knuckle boxing promotion; BKFC, was a move Goodjohn was certain would push him to the next level of his career.

The 24-year-old talent, Goodjohn was already well ahead of the curve in such a “new” sport. With over a dozen bouts to “El Tornado’s” resume, the BKB title as well as titles in gloved boxing, Goodjohn garnered a lot of attention in the UK for his flashy style, brash personality, and was eager to capitalize on the US market.

Following a dust-up with BKFC champ Luis Palomino following Palomino’s title win at BKFC 14, The British sensation Goodjohn, was tasked in his BKFC debut with MMA legend, “Felony” Charles Bennet. The stage was set, the eyes were on “El Tornado” and “The British were coming” for BKFC 15.

Along his journey to the states for his BKFC debut, “El Tornado” ran straight into an unexpected whirlwind he couldn’t have planned for. Weeks before his scheduled bout, Goodjohn contracted covid-19. Determined to not let his opportunity slip through the cracks, “I was literally smoking, sleeping, smoking, sleeping and I still managed to fight,” he says with a grin.

With his “strict” regiment, Goodjohn credits his recovery partly to his usage of cannabis. Utilizing the all-natural plant and a ton of rest, the brash British brawler was cleared to fight as scheduled at BKFC 15 against Bennett. Following his unanimous decision win over former Pride (FC) royalty, Bennett, Goodjohns fanbase has grown tremendously leaving bare-knuckle fans yearning for more.

For better or worse, Goodjohn has no quarrel speaking his mind, refusing to keep his mouth closed when he’s passionate about the particular subject.

Tyler “El Tornado” Goodjohn joined MyMMANews/MyMMArijuanaChronicles’ Adam Crist to chat about a multitude of topics including Goodjohn’s recent cannabis usage before and after his bout. Although “El Tornado” has only recently taken to the all-natural therapy alternative; Cannabis, “probably less than a year ago”, he firmly finalizes, “to be honest, it just changed my life.”

Weeks removed from his bout, the bare-knuckle prospect also discusses BKFC’s recent KnuckleMania event, his discrepancies with the promotion following his win and SO much more. Love him or hate him, Tyler “El Tornado” Goodjohn isn’t going anywhere! The BKFC standout will return to the squared circle sooner than later in 2021. Until then, tune in above!

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