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Rampage Jackson – “Bring back fat shaming”

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton Rampage Jackson has opened up about fat shaming comments he received from fans after a recent weight gain while competing under the Bellator MMA banner.

While today’s society continues to try and move away from bullying and providing negative comments to one another, Rampage Jackson says it helped motivate him.

In speaking with Ariel Helwani on the MMA Hour, Jackson said, “Come on, man, you saw my last fight. Man, I needed a drastic change. I was just getting tired of being fat.”

“And I want to say something to everybody that’s out there listening: Bring back fat-shaming. America, we’ve gotten so soft.”

“Like, a lot of MMA fans were commenting on my posts and talking s***. I guess they thought I was going to get butt-hurt or something, but no, they gave me a drive to get off of my ass and do something about it.”

“I don’t consider it bullying, what people were saying to me online. It was motivation for me, and I did something about it.”

After leaving the UFC for good in 2015, Jackson competed five times with Bellator, losing three of those bouts.  In his final fight with the promotion, Jackson was defeated in the first-round by the legendary Fedor Emelianenko.

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