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Ryan Courtney looking forward to first ever Stellar Fights 165 lb championship fight

Ryan Courtney has made training a lifestyle.  After enlisting in the U.S. Army in 2003, “the Maverick” was introduced to Brazilian jiu jitsu by his Drill Sergeant, Russell Bell. Since that time, he has spent much of his life trying to improve his skills and has carried his grunt work ethic from the military on to 302 BJJ in Delaware, where he has a tremendous team and instructors to help him work on every aspect of his mixed martial arts passion.

Courtney wasted little time accepting an offer from Stellar Fights president, Brad Dalton, to fight Branden Hudson for first ever  Stellar Fights championship at 165 lbs.  Brad intends on making this a permanent weight class in his promotion and is not afraid to bring fresh ideas to help the sport evolve.

Courtney will face a big height and reach disadvantage against Hudson.  He tells me…

“It’s nothing new for me. They’re all taller than me. I could care less. They could be 8 feet tall. I’m going to hit them with the same right hand.  I’m going to work to get inside and stay outside as a southpaw. I’m not going to underestimate this guy.  He’s got good kicks and is a very good striker.  I’ll probably work inside to get a takedown and secure a submission.”

Please check out our video interview with Ryan Courtney above.  Ryan is ready and says his team has him fully prepared for war on June 8th in Harrington, Delaware. MyMMANews will be live with results and interviews at Stellar Fights 42.  Stay right here!

Ticket information on the Stellar Fights website.

Ryan Courtney

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