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Roe Mar Blacknail suspects a glass jaw ahead of Stellar Fights 42

Roe Mar Blacknail is young in his MMA career and has yet to take on anything but top tier competition. He’s one of those fighters who’s record just doesn’t detail the full potential of the athletes capabilities. Yet, that is…Blacknail has a plethora of talent and always shows he comes to the cage ready to scrap. With back and forth wins/losses, Blacknail has dropped two of his bouts to two separate champions in tough matches, and also shown a glimpse of his highlight reel KO power thus far in his fights.

Blacknail has taken all things considered in his bright young career, and locked himself in “The Lab” training facility to take his potential to the next level. Under the tutelage of John Givens, Blacknail has a refocused and more determined mindset ever to get the job done.

On June 8th, Blacknail gets to put all his efforts into the cage as he takes on Ben Levin at Stellar Fights 42. Talking about preparation in his fight camp, Blacknail says “We are locking in and going to hell”, discussing the vigorous change in his diet and training regimen. Following by choice words addressing his dance partner for the evening, Ben Levin, stating, “Mr. Levin looks like he has a little bit of a glass jaw so if I’m too precise, too accurate early on, it’s not going to last long. Don’t blink!”

Tune in above as Roe Mar Blacknail and I go one on one in this exclusive Stellar Fights 42 pre fight interview!

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