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Southwest MMA Series 28’s Aaron Reese on his wrestling base

The competitor in Aaron Reese has driven him to MMA following his time on the wrestling mat. Things have started out as good as they possibly can for the Cleveland native who’s 2-0 heading into his third amateur contest on June 8 at Southwest MMA Series XXVIII.

How important is that wrestling base?

“Super important, it dictates the whole fight. I can take it wherever I want to go. Lot of times I can keep it just straight standing or if I want to take it to the ground, mix it up, all types of things. It really makes the striking a lot easier. And, then if the striking is going it makes the wrestling a lot easier. They work hand and hand together.”

Why pursue MMA?

“I compete, I’m a competitor. I don’t really do it for the money. I mean at one point, it’s going to be nice when I turn pro and I start getting checks. But, for right now it’s about the love of the game. I think that’s the best way  to do it, is for the love, you know. If you don’t love it, you don’t have passion, what are you doing this for?”

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Southwest Series XXVII

Current line up for  Southwest MMA Series 28

  • Jess Martinez vs. Josh Altum
  • Frank Baca vs. TBD
  • Rakim Thorpe vs. Jeremy Alba
  • Aaron Reese vs. Andre Mitchell
  • Mario Moore vs. Billy Ray Valdez
  • Keith Dawson vs. CJ Boston
  • Korey Windham vs. Dylan Locke
  • Derrick Pringle vs. Jacobo Martos
  • Luis Rivera Santiago vs. Shane Jackson
  • Ty Miller vs. TBD

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