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UFC 238’s Bevon Lewis – “I like to fight”

The Ultimate Fighting Championship heads to “The Windy City” for UFC 238 and Bevon Lewis will step in the octagon for his sophomore appearance with the promotion against Darren Stewart.

Are octagon jitters real?

“It’s not a myth. I guess it just depends on the person. Honestly, I felt like I’ve taken the toughest fight that I could have taken on my UFC debut. And, I’m happy I did it. You know, obviously I wanted to win, but in the way it happened. I’d rather it didn’t end that way. But I’m not complaining. I’m happy where I’m at. I’m going back into the UFC for my second fight and I’m in a better position than I was before.”

How do you approach the challenge Darren Stewart presents?

“Fight him like any other person. I think he’s a good match-up for me. I don’t feel like it’s anything crazy we have to look over. We look at film. We do the training. We train for all aspects of the fight. I expect him to be better than he was last time. I’m sure he is better than he was last time, but so am I.”

Do you see any tendency you can take advantage of?

“I don’t think there’s any tendencies. He has a pretty big head, like myself, so I know he can take a shot. Looking to tie him up, fight him a little bit harder. I look forward to a fifteen-minute fight. If he wants to fight for 5 or 15, I’m happy to be in the octagon. The reason I got into this sport is I like to fight anyway. So, going in there and displaying my martial arts skill, and being the fighter and the athlete I am. I really have no problem fighting Darren Stewart. I would like to fight Darren Stewart for twenty-five minutes, if they gave me.”

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