UFC 249 weigh-in results - Ferguson vs. Gaethje, Cejudo vs. Cruz

Did Henry Cejudo just announce his return to the UFC?

The former flyweight and bantamweight champion Henry Cejudo has been very vocal since the UFC 259 event saw a new bantamweight champion crown. “Triple C” has been out of the UFC since last year but every now and then he hints at a comeback. On Monday afternoon, Cejudo was a guest on ESPN’s SportsNation where he may have announced his return from retirement.

“I would personally like to line up both Petr Yan and Aljamain “Curly” Sterling Silver at the same time and I would like to beat up both of them,” Cejudo said. “Stay tuned, Triple C is coming back, what’s up?”

Since Cejudo retired last year, there have been two bantamweight champions, Petr Yan and now Aljamain Sterling. The nature of the fight between Yan and Sterling was a strange one since an illegal knee ended the fight. It was because of this knee that Sterling is now the champ. Due to this unforeseen disqualification, there is a good chance that a rematch could be in the works. Both fighters seem open to the idea of running it back.

“Not the way I ever want to win a fight. It was close, competitive, and filled with action,” Sterling wrote on Twitter following the fight. “I felt the knee was intentional, especially after the ref announced I was a downed opponent, so I didn’t expect to be hit. Yan is a bad dude! WE WILL DO IT AGAIN!”

If Cejudo really is coming back he would most likely get an immediate title shot and has already been trying to start with the new champion. Cejudo and Sterling had a fake faceoff the night Sterling won the belt. If all goes as planned for both of these men, this fake faceoff could be turned into a real one for all the gold.

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