James Terry

James Terry Aims to Solidify Welterweight Status at Bellator 226

James Terry

Unreachable goals can dissuade an athlete’s interest in continuing their pursuit of accomplishing their objective. Nevertheless, although frustrated, there is always an incentive to stay the course of the journey. Bellator 226 marks the ninth promotional appearance of James Terry. With a record of 20-10, “Intensity” Terry has had many triumphs and hardships in his over decade long fight venture. Recently, he has undergone a period of reflection, contemplation, and realization. The dream of becoming a champion is not enough for this ambitious fighter. This notion furthermore leaves the burning question, is there really an “END GOAL”?

“My skills are up there with any of the top fighters,” Terry told MYMMANEWS. “My goal doesn’t stop if I become champion, and this makes me feel that even if I capture the title, it won’t be good enough for my standards. The only thing that is unreachable for me is the end of my goal, which has created an understanding that nothing will be good enough. Before, I could never see myself walking away happy from MMA because I feel would have unfinished business. Now understanding my goals are unreachable, I am finally ok with that now.”

Although a departure from fighting thoughts sink in, there is no denying Terry’s has showcased substantial growth. During a down period in his career, he suffered many controversial split decision losses. Terry credits those errors to improper strategy preparing for those encounters. Over time, Terry would aim at fixing those errors by accepting valuable advice from his instructors and training partners, developing new skills, and understanding how to apply the skills in the given scenario. The strategy would prove to be a success, which allowed Terry to rebound, securing four straight victories from 2016 to 2018. Even in his last fight appearance in his loss to Adam Piccolotti at Bellator 206, Terry displayed superb ring presence and went the distance with a top competitor outside his weight class.

Continually improving, James Terry will need all of his skills heading into the upcoming battle at Bellator 226, against Batsumberel Dagvadorj. Undefeated at 5-0, there is massive hype surrounding the Mongolian as he looks to continue his winning ways in his Bellator debut. The goal is simple for Terry heading into this fight; WIN. The lust for winning the upcoming Batsuberel match holds a profound meaning. According to Terry, he feels he has been overlooked. Knowing his worth, Terry looks to secure victory in hopes of getting more opportunities, thus finally reaping the rewards for his years of blood, sweat, and tears. Above all, Terry is hugely motivated to come out victorious for his family.

“I want to be the best! Hopefully, this win will set me up in a position to fight more prominent names on the main card. I want Bellator to have faith in me and recognize that I am a top contender at 170.”

Possessing all the traits of a champion, Terry is capable of reaching world title contingency. Although his goals seem unreachable, Terry is still determined to reach the light at the end of the tunnel, with the limited amount of time he has. With so much to lose, the message is clear. Defeating Dagvadorj is a must!

How will James Terry’s story unfold? Will he emerge triumphantly? All will be revealed, along with more great fight action at Bellator 226, airing live on DAZN.


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