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Jared Scoggins talks Josh Hill, Bellator 272, and bantamweight gold pursuits

Jared Scoggins tests skills against Josh Hill at Bellator 272 on December 3rd. This bantamweight bout emanates from Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut, and broadcasts on Showtime.

I spoke with Scoggins ahead of this contest. Excerpts from our recent chat are below.


The multiple cancellations for previously targeted Bellator debut efforts

“The first time I was scheduled to do this, I got there, cut weight and everything. Then that fell through. I got sick one time about two maybe three weeks before the fight. It fell through then. My last time, I felt great. Was actually packing my bags and got a call that my COVID test came back positive. That fell through so here we are again.”

Jared Scoggins

If there’s any significance of there being no Instagram posts since the last cancellation in July

“I had after my last fight, my last post was about the fight. That fell through last time and I had people messaging me asking. Oh, man. Did you lose or something? We saw you didn’t post about it after the fight. I was like nah, dude. Shit just didn’t happen. I just don’t normally get on there much.”

The history at Revolution MMA with names like Sara McMann and the current training arrangement

“Actually I train now at a UFC gym in Greenville, South Carolina. I had my striking coach move over there. So I kind of followed him over there. But I was with Revolution for a long time. All through my teen years and stuff. I just felt like it was my best option to go with my striking coach and follow him where he was going. Because he’s really my head coach.”

“They have a great coaching staff over there, man. It’s good to switch it up every now and then. Just to get completely different looks and new coaching styles and stuff. I’ve been over there probably a year, maybe a year and a half. And you learn a lot more when you switch up your environment.”

Family member Justin Scoggins being such an asset on a multitude of levels

“I think it’ll help a lot. Went and cornered him in a couple of his UFC fights. I haven’t been in there and actually fought on the big stage like that. But I’ve been there. I’ve made the walk with him. I’ve seen what it’s about. I feel like that’ll help me out.”

Bellator MMA

The moment of capturing the CFFC bantamweight title

“I mean, I plan on going in there and getting a Bellator belt in not too long. Hopefully, if these fights don’t keep falling through.”

Having a couple of years between his last pair of contested fights and how it felt returning to the cage 

“I’ve been competing ever since I was five years old. In kickboxing, wrestling, and stuff. So I’ve been doing this my whole life. It’s nothing crazy. Of course, there’s nerves. You think about oh, man. I’ve been off all this time. What if I lost a step? But once I get back in there, it clicks, and I’m right back where I left off.”

Fighting a ranked Bellator bantamweight in his debut bout with the company

“It’ll make up for this lost time. I’ve been signed with Bellator for about a year now. And not having those fights and stuff has kept me out of the rankings and everything. But fighting a guy that’s ranked up there pretty high, it’ll shoot me right up there near the top guys. Give me the position I want to be in.”

Bellator 272

The main stylistic proclivities of Josh Hill as Scoggins has observed

“He’s a good fighter, man. Really good. He’s got a lot of experience. He doesn’t have a whole lot of holes in his games. He’s all-around pretty solid. But I just feel like on every level, I’m just a step ahead of him. I’m that next level of fighter and I’m excited to test myself. This is definitely the most experienced fighter I’ve ever fought. So it’s gonna be interesting to see where I’m at.”

Parting thoughts for Jared Scoggins

“Anybody listening, come check me out. You want to see the highest level of mixed martial arts? The future of Bellator? You guys, come check me out. December 3rd, Mohegan Sun in Connecticut.”

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