Jason Knight Looking to Shut Down Any Malignaggi/Lobov Hype

Jason Knight Looking to Shut Down Any Malignaggi/Lobov Hype

Jason Knight, not Paulie Malignaggi is Artem Lobov’s opponent for Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship this weekend and BKFC 5. However, after what happened at the media event in New York City, you would think that Lobov and Malignaggi are the main event. While the intention of BKFC was to introduce fans to Malignaggi and host an open workout for Lobov, the history the two men share was bound to make something happen when they occupy the same space.

This was brought up to both BKFC David Feldman and Head of Fighter Relations and former UFC heavyweight Anthony “Rumble” Johnson and both said it was not meant as oversight to Knight. Either way, Knight let it be known he has no intention of letting Lobov past him and if anyone will be welcoming Malignaggi to BKFC, it will be him.

After the scuffle, Johnson who helped break up Lobov and Malignaggi said, “none of us expected that we should have.” However, he reiterated Lobov’s sentiment when it comes to the main event of BKFC 5 “may the best man win.” Johnson said given the location with Lobov’s arrival and Malignaggi living in New York, it seemed it was “meant to happen that way” according to Johnson.

It was not Johnson’s decision but he, like everyone else aware of what happened between Malignaggi and Lobov in New York yesterday are excited to see them two fight. Johnson knows what makes his position important in the promotion is having been a fighter himself and that commands some respect when dealing with situations like what happened between Malignaggi and Lobov.

Johnson will be in Biloxi, Mississippi Saturday and Malignaggi also said he should be there for the main event between Knight and Lobov. However, fans should keep in mind, Knight is fully prepared to shut down any hype created at the media event on Tuesday.

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