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Martin Day looking for second life in short notice bout, “all the pressure is on him”

Hawaii’s Martin Day will step back into the Octagon once again, for his fourth showing with the promotion. Day hasn’t had the easiest of roads thus far into his UFC journey, going 0-3 under the coveted banner. This time, making the walk on short notice, Day feels he is fighting for a second chance at UFC glory, but isn’t feeling any pressure.

“I’ll fight like I’ve got nothing to lose,” Day told MyMMANews. “Zero pressure, the UFC was going to be letting me go, then this fight came up. They said ‘hey let’s throw this guy in there,” Day continued. “People expect him to win, zero pressure on me, I’ll fight like I have nothing to lose, because I don’t.”

Day will be fighting Timur Valiev, a rising star, and victor in 6 of his last 7 (only loss turned to a NC). The fight will take place at 145, to allow Day more of an opportunity in making the short notice weight. The Hawaiian believes a win over Timur, could keep him in the UFC.

“When I win this fight,” Day began. “I’d assume they want to bring me back. Timur is a favorite, I’m looking to make a statement, do something drastic and do something devastating,” Day continued. “I’m not in there to only survive.”

32 year old feels no pressure to compete. On a 3 fight losing streak, going against a massive favorite, it isn’t bothering Martin Day.

“If there is pressure, it is on him,” Day stated. “I’m going in there to do what I love to do, no pressure at all.”


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