Dr. Rick Weyback

MyMMArijuanaChronicles episode 9: Dr. Rick Weyback

The argument about the usage of cannabis on an athletic stage has become one of professional sports’ newest pop culture buzzes. Between removing Cannabidiol (aka “CBD”, one of the cannabinoids found and utilized in the Cannabis plant for anti inflammatory usage, anxiety, depression, to name a few symptoms) from the banned substance list of USADA.  All the way to the vast uprise in professional athletes opening up about their cannabis usage, and treatment plans under the direct care of a certified M.D.  The discussion about cannabis and it’s healing properties is more booming and current than ever!

Enter Dr. Rick Weyback into the discussion!  A neurosurgically-trained physician and certified Florida cannabis physician, medical marijuana activist, patient, and former hockey player of 22 years, Dr. Weyback certainly knows a thing or two about brain trauma in sports.  Dr. Weyback resides in beautiful Palm Beach, Florida with his family and has a wonderful practice and service in DoctorJane.  A medical cannabis practice team that operates with a “mission that places nothing above the well-being of our patients.”  Dr. Weyback schedules consultations discreetly, professionally and conveniently to eliminate any hesitation or anxieties built up to offer patients a “new sense of freedom.”  He is also widely known across the world for his wealth of knowledge on Cannabis in medicine and speaks often across the country to further educate pro athletes, other medical doctors, and cannabis activists on the healing properties in the miracle plant.

In our discussion, Dr. Weyback and I go a little bit of everywhere in an interview I surely won’t soon forget.  We kept it light hearted by discussing some of our favorite buds and why, but knowledgeable for the listeners to take first hand information straight from the doctor’s mouth. (Seriously, who better to ask about the topic than a doctor?)

Some people dream about a day where they’re allowed access to another persons brain, just for an allotted time to see what information they can obtain.  Put a medical cannabis patient//interviewer/and cannabis activist on the line with another cannabis activist who happens to be a certified doctor on the matter.  Add the history of contact sports shared between the two, and you have episode 9 of MyMMArijuanaChronicles coming at you, above! Tune in!

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Adam Crist
Currently studying Broadcast Journalism at Wilmington University, Adam’s passion for the sport only grows stronger when a fighter’s voice can be heard. He thrives on asking detailed questions to inspire the thoughts behind the punches in hopes that each fighter can find their proper justice. Specializing in pre and post fight interviews for MyMMANews, Adam strives to keep the fight fans up to speed with the most recent and authentic MMA news possible. He is Co-promoter of Delaware’s premier kick-boxing and Muay Thai organization, IBF Promotions. Recently he has also accompanied MMA organizations Global Proving Ground and XCC as Co-host and ringside commentator.