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MyMMArijuanaChronicles episode 10: Donald McGuire

On this episode of MyMMArijuanaChronicles, I have a lengthy discussion about our favorite plant with Donald McGuire. McGuire has been a longtime player in the mixed martial arts game with his eye of a sniper behind the lens as he’s captured shots for a multitude of promotions including the UFC, Bellator and many more. To add to the resume, McGuire hosts The Fighters Voice podcast, where he chats with top tier fighters across the globe. To find out he was an avid cannabis user peaked my interest to learn a little more behind the man that has put so much into the sports and into the young athletes careers. So we got each other’s info and made it happen!

Through our conversation, I learned McGuire was diagnosed with diabetes. However, he didn’t learn this fact until later when it had already taken its toll. “It played havoc all over the world with my body,” McGuire says about his diabetes. With learning later, McGuire had to go through an unfortunate experience in the medical system. When all was said and done, McGuire accumulated a total of 200+ surgeries and subjected to an abundance of prescription pharmaceutical medications (All of which carry a much deeper and harsher effect than cannabis ever could). After the surgeries, McGuire found himself a “patient of the system” as he states it. Ultimately, McGuire made the turnaround to give up the pharmaceuticals the doctors and medical companies pushed on him, and trusted in the power of the cannabis plant. McGuire says he realized, “I want to be coherent. I don’t want to be a blubbering idiot, man. I don’t want to be drooling on myself and not know where I’m at all the time”.

While we talk about the some of our own ailments and reasons for our cannabis usage, McGuire and I delve deeper into the patients who have some of the fastest growing demographic as of late-The elderly. We discuss patients with dementia, as well as other mental and cognitive ailments and their reaction to cannabis. We discuss the topic of how it’s played a key role in children with epilepsy and reducing the frequency and severity of their seizures. Of course we also chat about the uprising scare in the vaping industry, and so much more!

Tune in for another episode of MyMMArijuanaChronicles as one half of the “Cheech and Chong of MMA” drops in for fun chat!

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