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MyMMArijuanaChronicles episode 11: Angelina Blessed

Angelina Blessed is a female Muay Thai practitioner and competitor whom dove straight into the world of fighting head first and hasn’t looked back since. Blessed, taking her first fight at the age of 30-packed her bags and took off to a country foreign to her but the homeland to her sport of choice; Thailand. It was there she endured first hand experience via fighting of truly being alone and fending for herself, in every essence of the word. After all, no one is going to step into the ring and take the pain and punishment for you. Once you step through those ropes, it’s you against your opponent in addition to your own mental strength/tenacity and preparation playing heavily for you or against you.

After a whirlwind of a first experience in Thailand, Blessed was hooked for the long haul! Thus, she has made it a point to return as often as she can to train, fight, and evolve.

With combat sports, a lot of opportunities for nagging and lingering injuries arise. On top of injury, the mental stressors that factor in when you put yourself into a roped off enclosure/arena to do battle within a certain rule set are baffling. Fighting certainly isn’t something for the feint of heart.

These lingering problems, mixed with her love for good food/treats and passion for cannibals prompted the Canadian based Thai fighter to start her own venture into the cannabis market. And “Blessed Edibles” was born just like that!

Through her wild ride called life, Blessed credits her cannabis usage in keeping her sharp, not only mentally, but physically to boot.

“Cannabis to me means healing. Heals the body, soothes the soul.
It has brought me back from broken orbital bones, massive anxiety issues, exhaustion, the worst fucking breakup ever and the emotional fear of not fighting again post concussion.
But through all of that, and cannabis overcame..
As an athlete, it brought me back and showed me how to learn flow and movement when I wanted to give up.. when I thought the injuries/age won.
With sensory deprivation and cannabis, I am able to continue to kick ass and have a new found calmness and clarity to what my path is actually for. Together we grow!”

Tune in for another edition of MyMMarijuanaChronicles as we delve into what it is to truly be “blessed” by cannabis, and the love of fighting. Find out how this miraculous plant has helped Muay Thai sweetheart and Blessed edibles owner, Angelina Blessed!

Keep in touch with Angelina Blessed and her amazing team behind her journey below!


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