Parker Porter

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Parker Porter calls UFC win ‘a top-three feeling in the world for me,’ hopes to train with Jon Jones

Parker Porter has a win in the UFC.

The 35-year-old heavyweight was set for his second Octagon appearance at UFC Vegas 15 against Josh Parisian. Entering the fight, Porter was a sizeable underdog and he had heard all the talk he was going to get knocked out in the first round. So, for

“You couldn’t not hear it. Everyone was talking about his experience on the Contender Series and all the power he has, and the KO wins he has over this guy and that guy. You can’t help but hear it sometimes,” Porter said to MyMMANews. “I was expecting him to come out strong and put pressure on me. But, getting the win was a huge sigh of relief as the last performance was kind of lackluster. It was a short notice fight and I was not ready for it. I could give you every excuse under the sun but in the end, I didn’t win. I was on an absolute mission to make sure that did not happen to me again. People saw the real Parker Porter and what I can truly do as a fighter.”

When Porter was announced as the winner by decision it was a surreal moment for him as he thought his UFC dream was over when the pandemic hit.

“It was incredible, man. I have been chasing after this for decades now. To finally get my hand raised and get it raised in such a strong fashion, it was a top-three feeling in the world for me,” Porter said. “I never thought at the beginning of the year I would be in the UFC with a win.”

Now that he has a UFC win, the hope for Parker Porter is to get a quick turnaround and build off the momentum from this win. The 35-year-old isn’t sure who would be next but is already back in the gym training.

“I think it puts me on people’s radar and people will be watching me now. I’m not sure who will be next for me but it would be great to turn it around ASAP. I feel healthy, I’m back in the gym,” he explained. “We will see what the UFC has in plans for me.”

If Porter can’t get a quick turnaround he says he is interested in going out to JacksonWink to train with his former opponent, Jon Jones who gave him another shoutout after he won his UFC fight.

Not only is he interested in training with Jones, but Porter says it is also surreal Jones still knows who he is and cares to wish him well.

“I saw he gave me another shoutout. I thanked him on Twitter, with him moving up to heavyweight hopefully we can link up and get some training in. The most surreal thing about it is he remembers me,” Porter concluded. “I wasn’t just some brick in the road for me, I had to make some kind of impression of him.”

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